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How To Get HIGH KILL Solo WINS in Fortnite With These Tips and Tricks!
These tips and tricks will help you win more games and avoid mistakes! This will help you guys win more fights with these techniques / methods.

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  2. I came out of tilted with 7 kills and died to the first person I saw out of tilted. Btw 15 kills in a solo duo is the highest kill game I have had

  3. My highest kill was 18

  4. Lol your rift to go trick is stupid you can just pop the rift and pick up an item at the cooldown before the rift spawns

  5. my highest is 22 on solo if y’all don’t believe me look on my vid

  6. my highest kill game is 17

  7. My highest kill game was 4 ?

  8. My highest is 19 on Xbox

  9. soz i did not see ur comment reggie

  10. or something else that works is that u use a rift to go right when ur on the item so u can pick it up and then u use the rift to go and spam e or square on ps4 and x on xbox

  11. Highest kill game was 13

  12. You have the best tips videos

  13. My highest was 14 kills in a solo match

  14. All of this is only useful if your good at the game. That's me at the picture

  15. my kill record is 99 lol

  16. My highest is 17 kills

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