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Video Title: HOW TO GET MORE SOLO WINS IN FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! | Fortnite Tips & Tricks Ep.12
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  2. Thanks exotic. You really helped me out with your videos. I get at least 1 or 2 kills now😀😁😀😁😀.

  3. It takes skill to win solo games

  4. the best place to land for wins is Junk Junction

  5. Exotic Can You Add Me Because I’m not very good and need some help my epic name is:oGrxver id really appreciate if you added me and maybe help me I’m On Xbox and iv been watching you for a while

  6. I’m on Xbox Insanebeast119 I could use some help

  7. 13:50 But don’t get trapped build your own floor to the side.

  8. how does he get his colors like this?

  9. Thanks exotic used these tips and got my first win ur the best

  10. You've gotten so much better now that you are on mouse and keyboard

  11. Do a keybind videos n settings for pc video

  12. Do a video on your keybinds

  13. Your game looks so vibrant did you change any settings?

  14. I bet exotic motion won’t 1v1 me

  15. Why do u jump when getting materials I tried to do it and no use for it

  16. The background music is annoying.

  17. Hey exotic this video was like top of the mountain good do more of these because I learned a lot so thanks man you’re awesome

  18. To fast farm on console u have to play on combat pro


  20. How many solo wins yall got?

  21. I went from a very cautious playstyle to a aggressive playstyle and i went from 0-3 kills per game to 3-7

  22. Great video. I love that you are giving tips for pc and console. I watched all your console videos. I’m glad that you are discussing both.

  23. Believe me or not. I today placed five times top 2. I got ZERO wins today in solo. I am so angry and it's always because no mats, shotgun fucks or something shit like that. I almost always win those 1v1 fights but the final fight is the worst for me.

  24. MasterChamp1519 1 v 1 me

  25. Do u have a color blind setting on
    If yes which one?
    It looks so vibrant and clean

  26. I like console exotic 😢

  27. Turn down ur saturation a lil it’s ridiculous 😂

  28. And motion I hav a request I am trying to buy an account since long but all are like very expensive for me . Pls when the gifting goes live can u gift me the reaper ( John wick ) its my favourite dude if u want anything from the item shop worth 3000 v- bucks I can get u that .

  29. Who else has Xbox and wants to play

  30. How do you keep your screen so colorful

  31. My epic account and psn is ShivankGarg21.I think I can give you a good fight.I have 175++ wins..I would love to play with you or be a part of your squad.

  32. How can u fast farm after last patch

  33. I love your video, what makes it so colorful

  34. Pleaseee i love your channel you are the best

  35. Just camp. That’s what I do and I get so many wins thanks to it

  36. Pls respond i love your channel

  37. Pls tell me what makes your screen so colorful!

  38. Pls tell me what makes your screen so colorful!

  39. You are an awesome youtuber! I have crated a Fortnite channel inspired by you! If you would subscribe it would mean a lot to me! :))

  40. Dude u inspired me to start my own videos man i got 39 subs and 51 solo dubs man ur making my life a lot more fun and the most fun i have ever had in my 11 years of living. luv u

  41. How does you game look like that?

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