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SUB and LIKE the video! How to Get More Solo Wins in Fortnite Tips and Tricks! How to Improve at Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks In this video I talk about the different ways you can more solo wins and get better at fortnite using these tips on how to loot, how to rotate around the map and close out games and more! SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite Tips and Tricks!



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  1. Nigga you fucking suck

  2. Thank you bro just took your advice and just a got a solo

  3. I have a tip for you, change from combat pro to builder pro… it makes build battles way easier

  4. Bruh he says he’s a fairly aggressive player…. 2 seconds later he has a bush on….. ?

  5. Nobody saw the gray pump

  6. didnt work i only got 2nd place -.-

  7. I suck at solo's. Seems like I always bump into a super player lol I hardly come across somebody who doesn't have a clue

  8. Thank you that helped so much 5 minutes after watching this I got my first solo win

  9. I have 0 solo wins, and started during the middle of season 3, Im good at building and I try and keep high ground, and my most kills in one solo match was 7 kills, whats wrong…?

  10. Does anyone else think it’s funny how he asks for a few hundred likes and gets 16000

  11. Si hay alguien hispano que quiera ver directos de fortnite divertidos a diario, son bienvenidos a mi canal!

  12. I went from 10 to 36 solos in a week cus this

  13. Idk what it is but I suck at solos, I've only got a couple wins but I'm fine in squads and duos, I just always get caught off guard or choke in solos

  14. Dang wanted 50k subs now 230k?

  15. I won a game with a green tactical

  16. I made a gun map for different places

    Shifty shafts: shotguns
    Tomato town: Smg, Lmg, and sub machine guns not suppressed machine guns
    Loot lake: tactical shotguns and suppressed pistols (every chest that I got with a suppressed pistol I got a boogie bomb)
    Greasy grove: grenades and burst AR

  17. im gonna try to get a solo dub thanks to your tips and tricks

  18. Who needs help to get a win

  19. I run whenever I see a skin nigga

  20. Salty is my place I’m accurate very fast building and know where every chest in salty is

  21. 1:41 “I know pretty much every chest spot”
    *Misses chest at building he lands at

  22. U make it look so easy but it turns out that when i play fortnite, Its soo hard i always loose ???

    i dont mean to be rude, thanks for the tips

  23. 40K subs in March, is may now and you have over 100K
    ??keep it up

  24. Ашан Ашан Ду ю спик рашн


  26. Got first solo win today thanks bro for all the help

  27. Why is my rpg not doing a lot of dmg help pls

  28. Can you plz help me get a win on fortnite add me in ps4 expertkille

  29. Guys I won 3 games in the past 24 hours!!!!

  30. Anyone notice he says the same things in every tip video?

  31. 7 solo wins…I play too much

  32. I like how you play on console versus pc it really gives us a better perspective then watching pc players play

  33. I camped a whole game with 5 kills with a green AR and got 2nd place ?

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