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HOW TO GET UNDER THE MAP & TELEPORT | 24 KILLS Solo | PUBG Mobile. This is a bug/glitch which is in the game which is really cool in a way! but I hope they remove it!

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– Conqueror (highest rank)

How I…

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  1. He is changing the server and playing mader….

  2. Love you panda you r a pro 😘

  3. ماكو عربي ولا عراقي بهل الفيديو شعجب🤔

  4. So…not my only lil' bro knew thag glitch. K then.

  5. Ending was amazing

  6. Panda can I play with you pls

  7. why change ur flag to India….?

  8. WTF what is that awesome panda

  9. low toss and 9 o clock angle the joystick should be and keep moving while throwing

  10. Is it a glitch? And I can't do this

  11. Yaar tuje bande dikh kahase jate hai maire bhai.

  12. I m really appreciate you

  13. u play with claw ?

  14. I love your gameplay and i see all of your videos

  15. Can i see your setting on basic. And how you fire like crazy but your aim not shaking to much.

  16. My maximum in solo in FPP is 31 , my nickname is ANGRONN, top 100 in FPP player)

  17. Go play fpp Pc Pubg.

  18. big fan and are u from india

  19. What did you at shelter…throwing bombs and smoke grenades without any reason…were you gone mad….

  20. GOD OF PUBG MOBILE(better than thanos)

  21. Play in asia server if u pro

  22. bro I downloaded cash for apps but it asking email and password what the solution Mr.panda

  23. are you indian panda..??

  24. 8:08 he literally had 3 8x scopes🤣🤣

  25. Me: Alexa,who is the best pubg player!
    Alexa: panda for sure❤🔥

  26. Panda ..plz i want to play with you.. only one macth

  27. Do he use all four fingers?Actually I loved the controls!

  28. Your game play is very good I like next in Miramar ok

  29. Can you do a button layout and settings video?

  30. I'm 15 year's old from India your big fan I want to push Conqueror. Please help me.
    Can I play with you? Duo Vs Squad.
    My In Game Name :-JEETG4MER

  31. Where are you from panda

  32. What is your country reply bro 🤘🏼👌🏼🤙🏻

  33. Bahut asa khelta ho.

  34. Can you play it with me please

  35. How the hell do you see people in the grass

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