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Welcome back to another Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Tips and Tricks video where I help you guys get better at COD BO3! In this video we will be discussing how to get your first nuclear (nuke) in black ops 3 multiplayer, follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be on your way to getting your first ever nuke! Good luck, enjoy the video and Please make sure to Like, Comment & Subscribe! Thanks 🙂


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  1. The legend has returned, keep it up bro!

  2. I've got 1700Nukes+ and a 5.06KD 46 WinLoss but tats all FFA I can't get one in dom help….

  3. “Rush!”
    He keeps dying

  4. i have a 1.06 kd and got 3 nukes bro kd dosent always matter because u can be bad at the game and then get better while your kd is still bad

  5. What about the XMC??

  6. I’m pristige master and I don’t have a nuke wtf????

  7. I have a 1.81 kd and 326 spm and it’s hard for me to get nuked out cause of the fucking noobs with the krm

  8. Died 2 off a nuke cuz I didn't have scavenger. I just want the title so bad man. I want somebody to do it for me lmao

  9. I know how to solve the problem with killing somebody that had a wrench it's use scavenger or play with friends and tell them to kill their self so u can get their gun

  10. Damn one time I got I think 50 kills and 0 but it was with scorestreaks added and I thought I had a nuclear and I was top shit?

  11. I’ve got 29 kills before and choked with 10 seconds left and missed my last kill by a couple bullets on domination ? if anyone plays xbox and would like to help me my gt is xPennsylvaniax ?

  12. I don’t cause I’m ass

  13. i look at my score, panic, and die.

  14. is this nick eh 30

  15. Ive got 3 nukes on bo3 ps4

  16. I was 4 kills of a nuke in a FFA, and now im heartbroken.

  17. I got the nuke the next day

  18. My kd is 1,5 and i died 2times 1 from nuke……

  19. Holy shit, way to drag out every sentence to get to the 10 minute mark

  20. droped 18 nukes and 4.67 kd

  21. I died on a 29 1 off my first nuke rip 🙁

  22. Why am I watching this when I have 350

  23. it tooo trash to get a nuclear

  24. I had a 29 – 0 in ffa 🙁

  25. I have only 20 streaks…

  26. I just still cant get a nuke in tdm

  27. i love your vids nick you are awesome but i suck so badly i am actually upset i can't get more than 8 kills in bo3 pls help me nick

  28. U need as scorestreak: H.A.T.R, talon and G.I unit. And u need in ur weapon Class: Ante up and Man-O-War. And as specialist: Combat Focus

  29. I'm going for a nuclear TOMMOROW after school I'm so hyped but probably not going to get it lol but mine as well try

  30. I’m bad…

    I don’t even have a Ruthless…

  31. I was at 24 but died to a camper

  32. I have 2.17 K/D

  33. I have a 8.4 KD and I have got 55 nukes

  34. My highest is only 10 kills 🙁

  35. I went 40/11 and didnt get a nuke ??‍♂️

  36. Help i have no friends

  37. come subscribe to mitchell clan then i can get u a nuclear

  38. comesub to my channel and ill get u a nuclear

  39. ive got 739 nuclears

  40. im at 1.14 i always die on the last 3/2

  41. I can't get a nuke it's too hard..

  42. Can you go on my black ops 3 and give me a nuke

  43. green goblin said all of these things strange

  44. I got 22 and fucked it up

  45. I have aweful K/D but I get Nukes ez pz.

  46. I recommend combat focus

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