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Please watch: “Pubg Mobile Lite vs Free Fire Comparison Everything”
How To play Chinese pubg mobile in tencent emulator
How To Download Chinese Version Of Tencent PUBG Emulator

😀😀 pubg chinese version emulator download link 😀😀


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  1. Can it work 2gb Ram PC..!?

  2. How to download pubg kr in tencent emulator please telll

  3. Can I use it not with we chat, but with qq?

  4. unsubscribed …bulshit u only want more subscribers

  5. how to play pubg mobile english and china bouth version in 1 tencent……..??

  6. can i play the pubg global and chinese version in the same emulator?

  7. I don't have a we chat account,I have a qq account but it's not working,when I try to create a account it's says u need a wechat friend to approve my account,pls help me

  8. Don't follow His steps you will get window error if you follow his steps!!!

  9. i cant login, it keep send me message,

  10. IDK why it's showing the anti cheat error and game not opening . I uninstalled the game and emulator and reinstalled it but i am facing the same problem. Pls help me

  11. 1:40 link of this card game and is this step important?

  12. i cant find that card game please help

  13. Follow these steps and youll be banned 10 years XD .. but I know how to be undetected even playing with tgb

  14. Bhaiya ami KI normal pubg chinese TGB te korte parbo???

  15. vai amar hosca na help koro please

  16. How much time it takes to install the apk from the emulator ???
    BTW Im also from Bangladesh ^_^

  17. I got banned for few days because i launched it in official emulator!

  18. Thank you vai it works
    For those whose is not working-
    1. Go to your phone and open PUBG Mobile
    2. Login with wechat
    3. Minimize the game
    4. Open wechat and scan the QR Code like it's shown in the video
    And, you can now login there will be no problem (Hope so)

  19. how do you change to english version of tgb after downloading es file explorer, please tell me, mine wont open tgb after i change it to english

  20. If I delete tencent buddy (English) version that means it also delete my English pubg??

  21. I downloaded Chinese emulator of tecent installed 0.9.5 pubg version and then logged in with we chat and played in my phone and then tried on PC but the login is not happening …😑 same tried with qq app also

  22. did everything but still not able to login nd they blocked me…thanx

  23. 6:01 is my problem, my screen didnt turn into white. i can login in my cellphone but not in my tencent emulator, can u help me? i try to solve this about 6 hours 🙁

  24. Follwed whole steps, still not working

  25. bro everything works good but no audio in game and sometimes it just freezes

  26. my problem is, es file xplore cannot show the folder after refresh at minute 3:52 ,i try 20 times ,maybe more to refresh it

  27. bro the link of chinese pubg you forgot please the one you use in the video

  28. what if I cannot download it on my phone(((

  29. Please make a video for pubg timi
    Problems , I install it but when i start its tell me i have no space but i have 195gb free ..

  30. hey i have an issue im downloading the english version emulator then while it is downlaoding i accidentally turn off my computer when i open it again it said start then i clicked on it then its not opening i unistall it and then i install then it keeps happening what should i do?

  31. Thank you vai so much waited so long

  32. Boombastic bro!

  33. i like your video

  34. thnx for shere this video

  35. vaiya nice video

  36. bro chinese pubg download link

  37. download link give me

  38. vaiya nice video game download link ?

  39. 1st viwe helpull video bro i like it

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