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How to turn into sea creature in GTA 5 on Xbox One tutorial.


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  1. Can you show me

  2. I saw it but I was to late and I died

  3. It worked I'm a hammerhead

  4. 23,602 views

  5. I did not find nothing

  6. In ps4 tried it it worked!?

  7. Michael and Trevor can go on here can go eat the plant

  8. How meny times can I use this fish thing

  9. I tried Trevor it worked

  10. No not works as Michel – 18.10.2016

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  12. Don't think it works anymore

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  14. all the charictrs work!

  15. it not work on xbox 360 help

  16. you should show more

  17. It didnt work for me and i saved before i went in i didn't see it down there

  18. Popeyed Im ready to start my Skype is jordanstrachan1. I don't have my computer couldn't afford one so… I will be using my aunt laptop again :(. So we will be doing Attack of B-team right? Message me on Skype

  19. Btw I can start recording Xbox/Xbox one at Christmas cause the elgato went out of stock at my birthday so im getting it for Christmas with a blue snowball

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