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In this video I give you guys Console Ps4/Xbox Tips to Win more solo games in Season 9! How to win solo in Fortnite and Console Fortnite Tips! I will be sharing a Season 9 gameplay I had from eariler today and will be giving you guys Tips fortnite ps4/xbox. The Console Fortnite Tips I will be showing are very good fro help you guys to win in Fortnite and to win solo in Fortnite! This video will also give you tips and teach you how to get better at Fortnite! How to win solo EASY in Fortnite…

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  1. Giving away VBucks Tomorrow! Make sure you guys are entered in the giveaway! ??

  2. My Username in fortnite is WERISTD cas lock and i use u Support code and i sub u

  3. Hope i win [psn:Makaha_OG808]

  4. GT: Clapper_Only
    Platform: PS4

  5. he gets to the point 1:05

  6. Psn- keeghan1
    Epic- keeghan1

    Keep making videos mate. They are so helpful and engaging.
    I'd love to win!!!

  7. done all the steps Xbox GT and epic name: FREDMEISTER47

  8. can you please let me win vbucks im a big fan

  9. Simply get a Xbox easy lobby’s.

  10. I did every thing always wanted to be a winner pls watch u every day and u help me get better at every thing but my. Epic name xx_gohard_xx

  11. PSN-GucciXoticTTV

  12. Use code younghumor
    Gt is ThatchyCrayfish

  13. WoolierBell3615 xbox and epic username

  14. Xbox :FloppyLizard epic:sullymsn

  15. Bro I really love your videos I would like to win the bucks my epic gamer tag is ItzHikeYT

  16. Epic name :CutoverCow88110

  17. 1:28 I’m triggered cos there’s a big pot under the stairs

  18. my ps4 username is ogredaddyfatty

  19. Thank you so much you made me so good at fortnite now

    Epic ID: rokersz_show_YT

  21. xbox is xdOblivi0nGamer

  22. I would be so much better if my hip fire aim was better, that’s the only thing that’s holding me back from being really good

  23. I only have two solo dubs got my first dub season 6 got my first solo season 9

  24. Plz sub to my channel named
    xd3 60

  25. Epic: FORCeBlackie
    XBL Gt : FORCeBlackie

  26. Epic-TTVItsSmartBoy70

  27. JohnMcS_435 is my PS4 name

  28. What is the name of that skin please

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