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This brand new update has tons of stuff to offer and I look over a large amount of those things in today’s video!

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  1. I play maybe 3 – 6 matches everyday, and since this update, I JUST experienced night mode, and due to that happening, I came here, didn't even know they added it till literally 20 min ago

  2. Need support for kirin 980, my hauwei mate 20x only works on balanced mode, no HD.

  3. quick scope not working tho I reset it. Quick scope button appears only 1 day after i reset, then it disappear again

  4. Please add Arabic language in the game PUBG

  5. PUBG IS BEST!!!!!!!!!???????

  6. and just like that my aim is messed up (ads is below 50 just so anyone thinks it is not)

  7. Pubg mobile i just found the new gun M762 i found it by a bot
    But when i loot it dosent give me ?

  8. Night mode is not working for some ppl u guys said it will be 50% chance during Halloween season but is super rare trash game

  9. This is your 200th video PUBG mobile! Congrats

  10. This makes me excited for Christmas to see what they do

  11. They also added the beryl m762 but i dont know why They didnt mentioned it

  12. Can you buy me some UC hahaha….

  13. Where is the M762? It’s not there… 🙁

  14. The grenade when it's close it will blur the sound

  15. Ummm tencent games plzzzz fix the Asian server. The ping is too high for me. The ping goes up from 300 to 500! It sucks a lot!!!!! The only server I can play now is KRJP but still the ping is a bit high about 200 to 250ms.

  16. Hey did someone get the beryl M749 ?well I got it.we get it from killing bots

  17. Bro I have updated the PUBG but night mode isn't available

  18. Whoes got the wolf mask ???

  19. Next update please add glass to windows

  20. there is gun name BERYL M762 on erangel but it is not in armory or training

  21. I have already updated my game but I didn't get the night mode why ????

  22. Does that GUY owns PUBG mobile….

  23. You have to play the entire match for nite mode

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