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  1. “ I’m gonna pop dead silence and go get them” instantly knew he was done for. Lol TP straight murders

  2. Been watching the video and I barely noticed your lasdy in the back!

  3. Sick moves but the other guy is annoying af. Talks too much and swears too much.

  4. The amount of time I see teep pick up maven is record breaking lol. I see it almost 99% of times. ?

  5. Didnt know TEEP was this good at Blackout…
    Just binge watched a few vids…
    He's a gadamn Savage…

  6. You’re a sick freak!

  7. He single handedly killed 25/100 damn.

  8. What sensitivity are you playing on?

  9. Somebody get my man Teep some advil and icy hot for that back.

  10. I love maven and he is by far the best caster in cwl but he is BUNS at blackout lol or maybe everyone looks bad compared to Teepee…..

  11. Damn I gotta switch to ps4. 80-90% of the kids he runs into in every single video aren't even prestige.. ?

  12. "Obligatory comment bitching about Maven" Waahhhhh……WAAAAHHHHHH!

  13. What are your settings ?? The colour looks so good

  14. Teepee is honestly a god at blackout???‍♂️ dude really deserves more subs and likes per video , I wish blackout would get popular again because I bet he could be like ninja in cod if it happened he needs to blow up.

  15. Your stream is boring as fuck lmao ?

  16. I didn't even see you coming thank you for putting up the video

  17. I'm tombom5767 11:48 is where I get killed

  18. 4:20 dis dude be like "I must axe you a question sir"

  19. How did you get the camouflage of the swordfish?

  20. whats that song he uses for his YT videos does anybody know

  21. This guys good but yungstaz is the goat lol

  22. I love watching your vids but the foul mouth of your partner is pushing me away. so annoying

  23. The random mesh mine tho ?

  24. anyone knows his sensitivity and ads sensitivity?

  25. Question .. How is your color so in depth like that ?? It looks awesome .. Is it a setting ? Someone help me out ! Looks like a whole different game !

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