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Learning NEW Meta Attacks in Clash of Clans
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Tonight in Clash of Clans we are having fun with some Bat Spam Attacks LIVE!!!

ECHO’s Gear – Full List – Time to Gear Up!
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  1. Queen finally hit 50 after 3 weeks of th11

  2. What is your clan in your th 12 account

  3. Love the video and the content man. Any chance you could do a video regarding defense? TH9 and TH10 are tough, but I think it would be interesting to hear your thought on what to have in a clan castle for defenses with the new updates and if that changes depending on the type of base.

  4. Always a good show ?

  5. I like this format of video

  6. Join misfits 306 to see a 9 v 11 three star

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