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GTA 5 free mode has never been the same.

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  1. Like the video and comment below what you want me to upload next! 1. Troll/rage video 2. Free Aim Montage 3. Freemode Killing 4. Outfits

  2. Every mc crew suppose to be useing ARs and pump action shotgun only, this is sad the crew got wrecked???how you going to call yourself a crew and all 6-7 of ya got wrecked by 1 person that’s funny

  3. this was og dope!! Following!

  4. wow those dudes suck you a god bro

  5. These guys salty af

  6. gotta love it when autoaim scrubs dont know how to react to an actual aiming opponent

  7. Bruh dis game is ReDaRdEd

  8. He held that gun and fired till he hit the ground

  9. Who thinks they 1v1 me or 2v2 me on Xbox One hit me up my gt is Fype Predator

  10. Ha 1v1 bro u to good

  11. I played fortnite I had freinds I said 3v1 on playground a long time ago and I clapped them and they got so mad

  12. Anytime i 1v1 somebody and they kill me i lag out and they are like YoU lEfT aRe YoU sCaReD oF mE

    Then i join back and shit on their grave

  13. Anyone who uses the article "a" instead of "an" when the word after begins with a vowel or vowel sounding word like Xbox, has no idea what they are talking about. Example: I can use an AR.

  14. They are garbage and they don't even know that they are trash.

  15. I think it was someone you were killing who backed out than caused the server to migrate to a new one.

  16. I would've killed u 10 times ?

  17. He deleted his channel lol

  18. Ok i get jumped by people like this sometimes and they all do the same thing
    Talk shit then when someone starts beating their ass they stfu.
    Tryhards all do the same stuff, call everyone trash when they get 1 kill with an rpg or that damn oppresser mk 2

  19. Man u r good on gta

  20. Can all of us just agree that everyone that plays GTA like they're in an E-sports tournament are just fucking faqqots?

    Edit: Putther included.

  21. play against fonshway like if you wanna see putther vs fonschway

  22. Last generation console was so good

  23. Famous putther sentences

    1: Dear god
    2: dumb bitch
    3: the fuuuck

  24. Do you use free aim or assisted aim??

  25. when one of the guy Putther was making butthurt he said "rockstar can blow my big dick" i said " YOU DONT HAVE ONE"

  26. What’s the instrumental beat at 9:52

  27. Where is Dirty shithead?? I'm bad at GTA V and I bet you I can kick that guys ass ?

    Putther you're a crack my boy!

  28. You must be sernandoe

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