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Unboxing CoD Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition for Xbox 360 (night vision goggles). Who’s ready for MW2 Remastered 10th anniversary release in 2019? Not 100% but 90% confirmed!
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MW2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console
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  1. Remember….No russian…

  2. и маркировка на русском XD

  3. all im dreaming for is a ps4 because im bored of playing my xbox 360

  4. За дианонился , на коробке написано "запрещено для детей" в рашке живёшь ))

  5. White gloves over white gloves lol

  6. Dont get me wrong but your videos are too slow

  7. Pumped up kicks starts playing

  8. Me pregunto en que trabajara este tipo porque tiene mucho dinero para comprar todos eso

  9. Wtf….. Why didn't you test the Goggles? ???? Waist of time

  10. can i hear you voices pls

  11. Your dream va me trueeee mw2 remastered!!!!

  12. Best wank I've had thanks man

  13. They won’t have multiplayer for remastered MW2. I am displeased. Luckily MW2 is still rather active

  14. Are u finnish because ur knife is from finland

  15. 50 thousand people used to live here now its a ghost town oh shit thats the first modern warfare


  17. Vladimir Makarov: Remember,No Russian

  18. Makes me sad, love/hate nostalgia.

  19. I really hope they remaster mw2

  20. is mw2 pisses off Russians when a Russian ppl plays no Russian in mw2?

  21. I don’t get why Xbox didn’t bring backwards compatibility that’s all I need then I don’t even need a remastered

  22. Eldiven üzerine eldiven giy amk hastası , düzgün aç lan şu kutuları

  23. Remember ….. no russian

  24. these aren't rare lol they cost like 30 bucks at retro game stores, i say no call of duty is rare unless you have the first one ever big box edition on pc

  25. Mw4 would be awesome but Call of Duty Ghosts 2 would be amazing because it was left with a cliffhanger and there's so much to improve with the new Call of Duty ghosts if it were to come out

  26. The most asmr video

  27. Back when video games came with really cool shit.

  28. Why do you wear two pairs of gloves one should be enough

  29. you didn't try the night vision goggles…. i would love to see it if it's the real fckng thing

  30. I had mw2 once until some moderator moded my profile which broke the game entirely 😭

  31. Just gonna say cod shouldn't go battle Royale

  32. Relaxing ends channel is sadly turning into an A S M R channel tsk tsk tsk I LOVE ASMR!

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