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It’s GTA 5! Dr. Lewis spent four years working on a worthless PHD in GTA 5!
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  1. Ah not this unfunny fucking twat again :/

  2. You got a PhD. Playa hatin' Degree

  3. "Who can imagine the biggest d*ck?"
    "We now go live to the Tory Party" ?

  4. "I ran out of.. you know.. Big Bullets!"
    OMG honey, never change!

  5. Firstly, if you manage to get a PhD in Sweden you are given a top hat, not a sword – that's Finland 🙁 (would be cool if Sweden do the same as the Finns)
    Secondly, in Sweden we don't have the knight thing that you guys have. The (royal) knight order in Sweden were shut down in 1974. (there are some orders still active to this day, but they don't get their title by the King of Sweden)

  6. So far Dr Simon has been my favourite guest appearance; he adds so much and fits in well.

  7. "Who would win in a fight between Superman or Doctor Manhattan?"
    Well, let's see.
    In the one corner we have a strong alien that can fly and is hard to hurt.
    In the other we have a literal god who blows up people from the inside out by waving at them. (Also, he's kind of literally the omnipotent god of the DC universe, but that's another story.)

  8. =>A B S O L U T E S H I T S H O W<=

  9. Xenophobia… "Being scared of literal aliens"… Not sure if they're joking or modded minecraft IQ

  10. “Every word you say makes you stupider”
    -Lewis 2019

  11. I literally died to Ben's sauropod joke at 1:34

  12. knight in swedish is close to dutch its "Riddare"

  13. Well we will get to see Dr Manhattan vs Superman soon anyways in Rebirth…

  14. Quite a long and hard process coming up with a subtle dick joke

  15. Dr Manhattan wouldnt care enough to fight Superman

  16. is it just me, or is the Dr. simon, bouphe, zylush bants combo just amazing?

  17. BTW, just think it should be mentioned that the earth is coming out of a colder age and even though humans are affecting the climate, not the extent which many are saying, the earth is warming in general due to natural cycles.

  18. Lots of dinosaurs may have had pictnofiberous projections (think like pre-feather filaments) because pterosaurs which share an older ancestor with all dinosaurs also developed pictnofibers.

  19. Now hear me out, what if Dr Manhattan… caused the catastraphe that destroyed Thanoses homeworld… im not saying its something he would do… but is it something he wouldn't do?

  20. So you're telling me zylus isnt the only dutch person?

  21. My university has a ceremonial mace that has to be present at all graduations.

  22. V wholesome at the end

  23. 15 years ago there used to be snow banks the size of 2 story buildings while snowing 9 months where I live(I recorded the month in which it started and stopped), and now its hardly comparable to my fence as well as only snowing like 3 months out of the year(This years recording)..
    I think its an extreme abnormal shift in weather ?

  24. How is it possible you've played GTA this long and you still don't know popping a wheely in the air makes motorcycles go further?

  25. The presence is stronger than dr manhattan because he's literally god


  27. the one above all vil destroy dr manhattan and thanos. he is the the ultimate being!

  28. 15:20 In Rythians absence I will answer this question: No, you cannot get knighted in Sweden, the power to do so was taken from the King in a reform in 1975. A person who has been knighted prior to that however is referred to as a Riddare, which is just the Swedish word for Knight. No fancy hats involved.

  29. I feel like the term climate change better sums it up then global warming because it’s not all getting warm some of the climate is just changing

  30. I'm likely late in noticing this, but I love Duncan's "LEMONS!" jacket. xD The gmod references.

  31. Dr. Simon sounds like Dr. Gore who never brings up his 2006 Oscar Award winning global warming documentary anymore

  32. 8:05 time ( time lord of galifrey )


  34. It was warmer in the Jurassic period than now iirc

  35. i hate to say it. but batman in the day killed HEAPS of people. its only the animated shit that started that, no kill rule. i like the original batman.

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