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300 Likes If You Like Free Cars 🤑 GTA 5 Online (NEW) ”GIVE CARS TO FRIENDS GLITCH 1.41” FREE MODDED CARS GLITCH! (ANY CAR FREE 1.41)(Xbox One, Ps4, PC) GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.41 – New GTA 5 Any Car For Free Glitch – GCTF Glitch 1.41 WORKING!
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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the vid! 😊

  2. i will trade my salten rs with modded couler for any super car

  3. SPACE MAN4582 :xbox one

  4. It has been patched tried it 6

  5. Does this still work??

  6. is it patched yet thx

  7. Ive been watching this yt channel for a while now so I thought I would just help the comments out ive got a modded account most my cars are modded if anyone wants to do this add me gt:we-aspect

  8. I need modded car bros..
    Psn// Kayreh_014

  9. PS4 CIANTHEDUDE-Car for car

  10. garage of modded cars incl Halloween cars ps4: kingjulian da3d add me


  12. Not working for me rn answers why?

  13. I have both Halloween cars and modded coquette and oppressor with missiles if you wanna trade add me on ps4: zeddmore69

  14. How do i give cars to the friends that dont have moc?

  15. Im Looking for a Tursimo Classic with a Yankton plate, I have the cheetah classic with a Yankton plate up for trades. Hit me up on PS4 if you have one. PSN:KingGabba_115

  16. im looking for some modded cars please someone

  17. I have a ton of modded cars my gt is ibmxsynergy

  18. Still Working or patched

  19. Who's got modded cars I can have

  20. Hey guys who got a modded car for me only have modded panto so add me pls psn : djibibatroboy123

  21. ill help if u have a ps4

  22. Someone go try with personal planes, I'm curious if it works

  23. PS4: Briones-
    I have
    modded corquet,
    casco with Yankton,
    I got both hearse,
    I got checkered buccaneer,
    modded panto,
    modded tornado with Yankton custom horn and wheels with turbo,
    and 2 Dubsta 2s both stock colors.
    Glitched kuruma seats and Yankton,
    modded Roosevelt valor,
    ruiner with glitched roof
    Modded Dune
    Modded Half track
    2 diff/ Modded Life guard blazer
    Modded adder with 2x turbo and Yankton
    Modded Slammed slamvan with modded horn
    Modded red trophy truck

    Only trading modded cars message me on PSN: Briones- looking for modded cars I don't have

    I have Elegy Retro Custom sells for:
    If you give me a modded car,,I will give you all of this 🙂

    XB1: ll SK Kobe ll

  25. Ps4: gRr220, please I need help

  26. Well that sucks

  27. I wanted to give my friend the car but he doesnt have a M.O.C i thoight i was able to give it to him

  28. Anyone have nice cars I have a sultan rs

  29. If somebody want to trade. My PSN(!!) is Leo2911n014.

    I have:

    Roosevelt Valor
    Rat Loader with Invisible Parts
    Modded Colors and modded horns

    I want:

    Broken Ruiner
    MTL Dune
    Trophy Truck
    Weasel News Van
    Liveguard Blazer
    Buccaneer/Tornado with Double Roof
    Bee Jay XL with Michael
    Trevor's Canis Bodhi with Teddy
    Kuruma with Modded Seats

    Or something different. If you have something just hit me up.😊

    My PSN(!!) is:


  30. Anyone wanna give me modded cars plz. I don't have any

  31. I have all cars in the game, if anyone have Halloween cars or some rare cars I will trade)

  32. Add SmokeMyL I hav the rarest modded bikes and cars from the last gives cars to friends but I need something I don't have like the double roof bucanneer space ship car or clown van? I have everything else an I mean everything so hit me up if your ligid have something to offer me

  33. Hey any1 got rare cares ? Like double roof bucanneer clown car or space ship car? I have over 30 of the rarest modded cars n bikes

  34. Anyone wanna do the glitch? Need a person with mic! I will do it with them also!! Add meGt: celsius mexy

  35. RVGaming2 -psn

  36. why you post for pc…you cant join shit while your in alert moc is full screen dude get your facts straight or explain how on pc

  37. I have modded coquette classic if anyone wants?? First 5 only

  38. I ve a lot of modded cars on xb1, i m looking cars with north yantkon plates

  39. Has anyone got the modded mesa jeep? I will swap , psn STP_2001

  40. Anyone on ps4 super cars plz plz plz my gamer tag is UKN1ghtm4r3

  41. Who can give me a modded car please psn reaplayerhd:( please anyone?

  42. Can you do this with CEO sourced vehicles? Solo glitch? ??

  43. Anyone have modded cars add me xbox one master jallo

  44. If u need a modded corquatte add me on ps4 Erensimsek2002
    I'll trade with anyone for anything decent

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