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NEW Clash of Clans ATTACK STRATEGY – The Armored Bats! 3 Star Attacks at TH12 in Legends League!

ECHO Gaming –

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  1. I really liked this video ! 👍

  2. I've also commented on echo's armored bat video
    that i've been practicing a strategy and I named it Lava hellbat. It has the same concept on armored bat but instead of golem, I used lava to tank all the deffence that can attack air troops and also to clear red mines. And i only use this on bases that had thier wizzard tower beside an air deffence

  3. You can use the warden with the bats too for wizard towers or multi inferno deep within the base with a rage

  4. Judo! Use Queen Charge Lavaloon please! I've never seen you use hounds or ballons.

  5. Dang, i really enjoyed your vid lol

  6. Wow, really impressive! Great job Judo 💪🏼 any tips for th10 pushing? Just hit Titans 3 and am struggling to maintain trophies

  7. So if wizard towers are centred and inferno towers are single is it still possible to three?

  8. So you proved it works against cookie cutter internet bases, can you test it against some burned CWL bases?

  9. The strategy is super solid but will take practice for sure. Great video my friend. 💪

  10. I really enjoyed watching this new strategy ! thanks a lot

  11. Love your videos judo keep it up!!!

  12. Great vid thru and thru🙏🏼 u never dissappoint

  13. Seen this strat used before at th 10 echo made a video on it yesterday intreasting th 12 variation

  14. You had a hammer of fighting, just saying 😂

  15. I like the photos of you at the start you not was doing that it is nice

  16. Woah ! This is crazy strategy 😀
    Nicr attack

  17. Amazing video I couldn’t believe that this attack actually worked. Amazing video judo!

  18. This was your best video so far imo.

  19. I am SOOOO glad to see this attack working at th12

  20. You really do this well judo

  21. Wow. Did not think it would work that easily.

  22. OMG MY ATTACK!! From echo gaming

  23. They should give you more likes and views the subs ya know? Idk new vid

  24. Спасибо 👍🏻

  25. Woooooo. Great video judo 🥋. And yes we need more Armored bats 🦇

  26. i gotta try this on my th10 eheh

  27. Lesson learned: Don't underestimate a strange army

  28. Woah!!!! Crazy attack! Never would’ve thought it would work!

  29. 1 like for the wizard and his efforts

  30. Going to visit echo ,very nice attacks lately judo

  31. I would drop the quakes for freeze and use wall wreaker. Ice golem is good with Queen charge as well.

  32. Giant goblin smash from town hall three practice XD

  33. I member i commented that i had seen the strat before the freeze bat spell combo is so strong

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