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New Locus and Vendetta Sniper rifles in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Days of Summer event. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support!!

■ 13 minutes of pure aimbot… –
■ FaZe Clan recruited me for this.. –

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  1. Is the locus from bo3

  2. Hey guys FaZe testicle here ?

  3. Wow Testy I Think You Gonna Get Banned For Being To Good Like Gezz

  4. I was so lucky i got it at the weapon chest

  5. I just get a bunch of hit markers with it even with fmj

  6. Why can he equip this camo on it ?

  7. I got so lucky I got the locus on my second reserve of the season

  8. It's not really new if already been in the game, it's a returning sniper

  9. My bribe gave me the rampage mkii ?

  10. What’s your sens?

  11. I wish you could just buy the game

  12. Not new, it was in BO3.

  13. me wit the dsr 50 in bo2 0:01 / 10:04

  14. From where did he get this weapon camo

  15. spent 100 dollars for one weapon. smh

  16. I’m a supporter but tbh you didn’t really get lucky. You spent $100 and got it

  17. “New update comes outs”
    Testy: stop tryharding to try to get tiers to get the new weapons.

    Why so salty against people who just wanna try to do good to get the new weapons. Not everyone buys tiers.

  18. 7:07 everyone goes through they’re saug phase

    I remember my saug phase those were some sad Times,To anyone who I killed during my saug phase I am very sorry

  19. How much I wanna get testy is pressing like 6 buttons at once???

  20. Locus looked anorexic for a second

  21. New mw is gon kill bo4

  22. How did you get the camo on the locus i cant get it on the locus

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