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New Update for PUBG PS4 & Xbox – New Weapon, Season, Pass & Possible Fix for FPP – PUBG Console News. Check out my new New Update for PUBG PS4 & Xbox – New Weapon, Season, Pass & Possible Fix for FPP – PUBG Console News Video.

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  1. Latest info:
    Xbox & PS4 Players: Survival Title System Beta Season 1 will end on May 21 12AM PDT / 9AM CEST. Live servers will enter 2-hour maintenance at this time.

    Public Test Servers (PTS) will also open on May 21. Details about the PTS and patch notes will be shared later this week.

  2. I hope to know when to update to ps4 which comes down in survivor pass 3 for Ps4

  3. You mentioned the patch notes several times! What patch notes???? Have you read the tweet and put 2 and 3 together and got 257468 based on what PC got?

  4. Idk how the beryl is your favorite ar since youre such a potato

  5. When I get in fpp it's usually 3-8 people in the server. And nothing on new update. PC already got patch #29 on test servers I think

  6. You didn't say when the update release's.

  7. what day will be released the new update and the new pass

  8. People rely on tpp mode too much takes away from your gun skill imo fpp is more challenging

  9. I want theater mode, death cam, and zombie mode

  10. Dont be a bitch. Do what i do and FPP in a TPP game…. I still own and had more dinners in FPP in a TPP game than in TPP in a TPP game lol

  11. Tpp is boring,you will not feel the real battleground,fpp much better

  12. When will season 2 start? On ps4 ? Thanks

  13. I havent this update

  14. THE FPP MODE: The update has given you access to FPP but if there is only 10 people queuing it will let you in and you just play with 10 people. easy.


  16. Are they redoing/fixing loot on OG map?

  17. We need FPP (anti camper)

  18. Hopefully fpp gets fixed would love to be able to play like they do on pc

  19. When will the new season begin?

  20. When is it going to drop anyone know ?

  21. That last guy you killed was such a potato

  22. My Eyes r dying cuz max 30fps

  23. I wish the folding stock could be attached to the p18 as well… the real version of the p18 is the G18, and there is a stock made for it

  24. When is the update?!

  25. Tpp players are the most boring to watch. You get in a gun fight and it lasts forever.

  26. Does anybody know when it's coming keyboard and mouse support?

  27. Update wont fix fpp unless ppl are queuing for it.

  28. I thought that they would fix fpp after jesus comes to earth

  29. How you get almost no recoil when on full auto makes me both envious and angry 😛

  30. When you shoot you should stop moving, youll be way more accurate. Cheers

  31. Yeah like I tried joining a fpp on ps4 and the estimated wait time was 46 sec and I waited up to 10 min and I just went to tpp :/ I get tired of tpp all that wall hacking/camping

  32. clapping is your signature style..

  33. HELL YEAH!!! Finally krafton is updating the game and listens to the console community.That’s what I really like to see!

  34. When are they fixing the looting on Erangel?

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