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NINJA!! These are some insane plays as the fight is on for many to take their place in the CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 PLAY OF THE YEAR.
The best Plays from Call of Duty Black Ops 4 as voted for by you come together for the ultimate prize, is it all over already, will one of these clips take the crown of the best of the best!! YOU VOTE, YOU DECIDE, who becomes the Play of the Year.

Vote in the comments below & If you have an epic BO4 clip, COD Top Play or Call of Duty best moment of…

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  1. you should disqualify all specialist plays, they take NO skill

  2. Play j definitely

  3. Play B play B play B

  4. I was an xbox gamer … but i switched to ps4 so i cant save clips …

    I had a lot of kill chains .. but

  5. My entry:
    hope this gets included in one of your videos man! keep up the great work

  6. Hey bro, how do I send you a clip?

  7. Thanks for featuring my clip

  8. Play J for the win

  9. Not hating but I cold have dune better like the clips are ok but iv dune better

  10. In the last video it looked like either he was just lagging or hacking but to not fair how he doesn’t have any recoil

  11. Play J is the best

  12. Play J was the best Hail Poland !

  13. Thanks for voting for my clip guys !! ???

  14. Play A and J for me but all in all very good clips

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