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Well, that was quick.

Make it. Tag it. #CODNATION

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  1. ?How do you place #0

  2. That moment when the Else Statment Fires

  3. Well that went fast…

  4. Please completly remake zombies. That's the only part you guys have majorly fucked up on 🙂

  5. This game is dead! Wtf

  6. October 12 History will be made?

  7. No jug , no buy!

  8. whats the song on the end?

  9. What's tht song at the end? It's so good

  10. Same thing happened to teo lol, should have featured him instead.

  11. Can't wait to play this and record this on PC or Xbox

  12. Treyarch do memes?

    Ok i buy the collector edition of BO4.

  13. Server disconnection everyone got kicked out and he's still playing or he joined an empty session

  14. You were nothing to that game it was just like you know this guy pulled an oof

  15. The hype is real rn!

  16. Lol he looked stupid when he died. What a dumbass

  17. This is why I love treyarch, they are marketing geniuses

  18. Cpt Price: that was good but i have seen better.

  19. Hey Fortnite, you are dead

  20. Oh look, new world speedrun record on blackout

  21. No that wasnt the shortest match ever, terroriser had the shortest match ever

  22. I used to watch hazardous

  23. I've literally had that happen to myself


  25. He could of pulled out his wingsuit ???

  26. I have a question

    Are you high treyarch?

  27. Nah you get the shortest match ever when you get chopped up by the helicopter blade.

  28. that escalated quickly

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