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  1. A worm in a tin can is smart enough to know that the unreal engine is shit. Even epic games has trouble with it.

  2. So Fortnite pay more to Unreal Engine than Pubg… ?

  3. Who win in broadcaster royale dude?

  4. i have 2 thoughts a few months ago why they can't fix pubg 1. They're the worst devs on history of gaming 2. Is that unreal engine is a little fucked up just like that girl said so pubg devs can't fix it.
    I wonder did they try to hire someone who actually can fix the game?

  5. PUBG Dev's are full of shit . Oh we got all this money but can't fix it …….. bull shit . They just want to make there money when they can then go free to play.

  6. Excuses Excuses Excuses. Either fix the game or it will die… excuses wont save pubg.

  7. My friend started a new channel, if you guys could go over to his channel to help him out that would be great!

  8. I dont get it. Sounds like a pubg coptout. Their engine was stolen from the arma 2 mod and nobody gives them shit for it? Fix your fuckign broke ass shitty fucking game and maybe well redownload it and give it a try. But blaming fortnite????!!?!?!? ROFL comical. I dont see fortnite botching about call of duty….???? That's right lazy cunt. No excuses. Fix this shitty game

  9. Still blaming Fortnite I see, no wonder PUBG is dying.

  10. How is that "fucked up"?

  11. So? How about you not use the engine of your biggest competition. Also plenty of other devs have no problems…

  12. did shroud play pubg?

  13. Do u have any competition with "ozzny"

  14. What's up honey… How's it going…. how's that lag? XD

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