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In this video i will show the Gameplay of Pubg mobile lite. I will aslo provide you free vip script. You can Use this script with the help of game Guardian.

“Pubg mobile VIP” v0.9.5?

Hit like For pubg R.I.P??

Pubg lite Apk


?Check Both the Script..?

?Password In the Video?

Script 1


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  1. I am non root user so i used parallel space and aslo using vpn of brazil but it is not connecting in parallel space. Help

  2. Bhai mujhe UC chahiye pubg lite me Kya karke lu

  3. Congratulations on 4k subscriber

  4. Hii bro subscrib4k

  5. My virtual exposed is getting closed before opening

  6. Bro my Game Guardian show this game is secure You can't hack without root

  7. Makes sure all your script is really work

  8. Hey add me dude I'm also a gg user to

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