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★Here is the details of game and key-mapping version:
Current PUBG Mobile version:
Smart Key-mapping version:

Current PUBG Mobile Lite version:
Smart Key-mapping Lite version:

★Tips: When PUBG Mobile new version update, the previous version key-mapping may not works well. If this happen, please be patient. We will update key mapping the latest version asap.

★How to check key mapping version
● If you find your key-mapping don’t work,…

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  1. will it work on 6gb ram and dual core processor and entigrated graphics

  2. Please, make key mapping like bluestacks with the f1 button free view in shooter games .-.

  3. how to sprint ? shift doesn't work

  4. aku punya game lag teruk
    laptop 8gb ram

  5. I land at shooting range whenever it is near

  6. Can i run my laptop "i7-7700u, 8gb ram ,940mx 2gb gpu. I tried to install and play pubg so i got 30-0 fps and ultra setting i set memu play 4gb 4 core speed direct

  7. Just use tencent gaming buddy

  8. There are 2 options. WASD mode and LOL mode. It is not showing PUBG mode. I updated but still it is not showing. Help

  9. Hello, Memu. When will you update the smart keymapping to PUBG 0.8?

  10. Is that anyway to play with mobile players using MEMU Emulator? Because it says emulator detected and your team and opponents will be perpaided with emulator only. Please reply me


  12. Guys how can i use the tab key (backpack) and at the same release the cursor so i can pick loot and the oposite? It works by default on ldplayer but i can' t find it on memu…

  13. Everytime I tap Shift key for sprint it is shooting ..How to reset to default buddy?

  14. Each time an update comes out for PUBG mobile (which is every week or so) they keybinds are messed up i have just updated PUBG and the Smart F key function has stopped working, happens everytime and update comes out…..This issue is very anoying it means i am constantly uninstalling then reinstalling and downloading. In the short term i am gona switch to a different emulator

  15. The smart key mapping is great , but i had to reinstall my windows , now the smart key mapping doesn't work , what should i do ? And it's already on directx , please hellllp 😫😫

  16. i cant aim in first person mode

  17. I have a problem I want to use F key for many functions like Jump , Opening doors , Riding cars , Opening boxes but I don't know how !

  18. WELL my keys and everything while im playing pubg are stucked idk wat to do!

  19. Please make the buttons of movement,shooting,jump,crouch,aim,prone transparency invisible like in tencent gaming buddy.Please Memu.

  20. How did you switch from the red bull to the bandages? I don't see where it says how.

  21. Is there any way to change SHOOTING MODE button?i wanna make it to this ( ` )…how can i change that ?

  22. How to reenable Smart Key F? I think I've lost it coz im using normal mapped keys and wondering to reenable the one with smart key. TIA

  23. CAN I PLAY I3-2100 3.10 GHZ
    6GB RAM
    INTEL HD 2000

  24. Cant log in, crash when i try log in to facebook and as guest on memu 5.2.2 please give me solution, thanks

  25. I can't play the game. it does says the device is not supported?

  26. PUBG Mobile Update please.. setting new control

  27. I already Downloaded pubg in memu but i cant play it, it always stop responding. what should I do?

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