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PUBG is finally available on Xbox One! I wanted to hop on and check it out. Definitely not up to par with the PC version, but still not bad. Drop a Like if you want more PUBG gameplay on the channel!

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  1. Is It worth buying??, It says Full Product Release on Xbox One

  2. This game is totally garbage, graphics suck on xonsole very bad, i never see an poor game quality so bad on these consoles. Fortnite is way better

  3. I am a fortnite player looking at gameplay videos on pubg. Should I get pubg?

  4. headache while watching game

  5. Will it ever come on ps4

  6. are you using keyboard to play thete?


  8. I wish Tmartn wasn't so stupidly blatant. Dumbass didn't see there is a road going on the island.

  9. Which console using xbox one? Xbox one s? Xbox one x?

  10. pls REPLY xbox one s vs x on pubg

  11. What u using 1080p or 4k ?

  12. The fps though
    He even accidentally picked up lvl 1 backpack 😂😂😂
    The controls are crack

  13. The graphics do look better idk what’s up

  14. Why you have switched the backpack level 2 to level 1 in 5:13

  15. play fortnite its better

  16. Correction its tps bro

  17. Complainers cause you suck

  18. is this on xbox one x?

  19. PUBG mobile > PUBG xbox

  20. This console is xbox one x or xbox one s or xbox one

  21. Fortnite sucks and PUBG ROCKS

  22. You suck at this game and there no scare in there noob

  23. The normal Xbox one or the Xbox one x

  24. PUBG 4 lifeeeeeeeeeee best game ever

  25. I won my first game of pubg with my friend

  26. Hard to aim lol welcome to real gaming

  27. Nah im sticking with Minecraft Hunger Games

  28. Doesn’t look too bad

  29. You are playing in xbox one or in xbox one x?

  30. even the mobile version is better. this is pure cancer. i regret every cent I spent on this piss.

  31. Considering I have only played on an iPad and iPhone, the play of this one is awesome. Tried getting running on a PC but it kept saying something about COOKED and I needed UNCOOKED version. I paid for and downloaded through Steam. Never got working, so this may be a good alternative platform for me. My trees are flat and cannot hide in bushes.

  32. is this gameplay on the xbox one x , s or just normal xbox one?

  33. As a pc player if you play this on pc and played it on Xbox to play with friends don’t bother it’s horrible if you compare the two. But if you only play consoles and don’t know any different then give it a try it will be fun with friends. The fps isn’t great and the shooting feels weird if you’re used to keyboard that is. I’d say it’s better to have it than not to have it and who knows maybe down the line it could be improved but judging by the amateur devs I doubt it.

  34. Who thinks Pubg is better than fortnite

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