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  1. Anyone notice that Kobe’s destroyed a ghoul trooper

  2. Wow 9…..this game has changed in a bad way….

  3. Here on 1 year exactly

  4. One day before 1 year old

  5. Now there is over 40 legendary skins and. You ranked all skins

  6. Heck yeah raptor number 1

  7. I wish he didint have his pants on are you gay

  8. Good old days when there were only 9 now there's like one hundred

  9. Aren’t you happy have black knight now?

  10. Yo put cuddle team leader worst and raptor best and now raptor is one of your least favourite skins and cuddle team leader is one of your favourite skins XD

  11. 9 months later…

  12. And you ended up hating raptor and loving cuddle lol

  13. We’re is spider knight ? 2018 November

  14. Back when there was 9 legendary

  15. Daaaaaaamnnn bro, why u sound like you just went through a divorce

  16. Lol I looked at the thumbnale and thought my friend only uses havoc and I mostly use dark voyager

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