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“Rules of Survival LIVE Now – Playing Rules of Survival LIVE STREAM Road to Grandmaster Gameplay Review (iOS Android PC) Rules of Survival vs. Fortnite Mobile (No Hack Mod APK Mod Menu) RoS Live English (with Subscribers, Funny Moments, Tips and Tricks) How to WIN Live on Rules of Survival – NEW UPDATE New Map Gameplay – FAMILY FRIENDLY, No Cursing, No Swearing Gaming (Grandmaster) Fortnite Mobile”



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  1. Rules of survival rules

  2. FORTNITE is the proest game

  3. Hay friend plz add me on rules of servival PC game my id is

  4. Lllllllllllllll exxiokgaming

  5. Forrnite beacause rules of survial is the chinese rip off that was made

  6. I miss the live video

  7. fortnite is a shit game on the mobile

  8. I have rules of survival

  9. Man fortnite is getting bigger and bigger

  10. i just hope i can join ur clan

  11. yo dude i know u might not answer but can u invite me to ur clan i really would like it dude ive b3en subbed for a long time

  12. you should do a animal gun gameplay in pixel gun 3d plz

  13. Review the Mega gun plz

  14. EXOTIKK I thought u were gonna play fortnite on mobile 🙁 I like ros aswell anyway !

  15. Helpo my namebis juan

  16. Come on fortnite all the way aye check my new video in about 3-4 minutes video if you want??

  17. Actually Rules of survival Is actually Pubg It does not have hammers But It has cars And pubg has cars So pubg Is rules of survival

  18. Hey exxtoic can you please reply ive beeb a fan of you pixel gun 3d vids plz reply

  19. we all know fortnite is better

  20. NETEASE is the savior for Poor gamers

  21. I know your fanbase is just a bunch of 9-year-olds but, why you got to clickbait?

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