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  1. Skyrim is the only game I've ever owned 3 different copies of. PS3, PS4 special edition, and the PSVR version.

  2. What's the name of the dubstep for Borderlands 2?

  3. What's the name of the dubstep for Borderlands 2?

  4. I love dishonerd

  5. BL2 is #1 in my opinion dishonored is #2

  6. How dare they put Blowmelands 2 over skyrim

  7. I love you ScrewAttack, but I just cannot agree with your choice of #1, or even #2 for that matter. I love Dishonored, and I think it's a brilliant game, but I just cannot justify placing it as #1 or Diablo III or or even Skyrim. And I don't think #2 should have been on the list at all.

    However, I understand this list is made in your opinions, and I respect that, even if I disagree. Keep being awesome, ScrewAttack!

  8. Mass Effect 2. Or Dragon Age Origins.

  9. It's true. Never yet done with Skyrim, and never will be done with Skyrim.

  10. Devil May Cry 3
    Perfection must be replayed

  11. I can honestly agree with this list, but I will NEVER get tired of some good old fashioned Monster Hunter. It will forever be number 1 for me.

  12. Halo and cod are for 12 year Olds.

  13. I would put Spore somewhere on this list.

  14. They forgot Payday 2.

  15. Dishonored was Number 1. I did not expect that.
    I now love this channel.

  16. Diablo 3 was the bastard son that should have been aborted when they had the chance.

  17. BTW if anyone missed it, dishonored was available free for download on xbox live for this past august (9/5/14)

  18. stealing videos to get views… pathetic and also flagged

  19. Who gives a shit about other games halo 4 and black ops 2 are the best game i ever play

  20. I rather play halo 4 and black ops 2 a lot the other games that show in the video are boring except for sleeping dogs or borderlands 2

  21. The only game I don't like in that list is Worms Revolution. Rest is just awesome, especially Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored. Saints Row IV was funnier than Borderlands 2 but still pretty fun.

  22. I'm pretty sure that they were both drunk when they made this video

  23. I ejaculated when I heard Dishonored.  Such an amazing game.

  24. "Halo and CoD… and there's a good bet that you're gonna play at least one of them"
    Ho so ScrewAttack is actually for kids … my bad! Let's never check their top10 again

    Also, this makes me want to try sleeping dogs.

  26. Fez's play style isn't original! CRUSH ON THE PSP DID IT FIRST! (real indie penis)

  27. dude wt about prince of persia or assassins creed

  28. diablo 3 shoulda got 1st

  29. THE 5TH GENERATION OF POKEMON IS LIKE THE DRAGON BALL GT OF POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it didnt happen in my book

  30. Its free on Xbox now

  31. i dont care if you people judge me but dishonored has gameplay that gives me a boner. i dont even care. dishonored is my fav. next gen game of all time. (xbox360,playstation 3)

  32. I think the auction house closed(off to tf2)

  33. Diablo 3 a worthy successor to the classic? huh.. YA FUCKIN RIGHT.

  34. Dishonored, It's a perfect game.


  36. i remember dropping like 120 bucks into diablo 2 in 2010 so yea

  37. Well, aoart from the infinite repeating radiant quests, I have indeed finished Skyrim, including the DLC's. Yep. 100%'d it. I can't decide whether I'm proud or ashamed of that :-S

  38. What is a better game to play then either of those two? Answer: anything.


  40. I wish I could play Dishonored. Because the game makes such a big deal about not killing to get the 'good' ending, I end up save scumming more than I end up playing. I know, i know, it's on me, but I hate playing a game where I get to spend the bulk of a level worried that I'm going to have to redo the whole thing because I had to fight some guards. 


  42. borderlands 2….honestly one of the best games i have ever played…im so ready for the sequel Tales of the Borderlands…

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