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SUB and LIKE the video! Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 Challenges Leaked! Week 7 All Challenges Easy Guide! In this video I talk about the week 7 challenges and how to complete them fast if you are going for the season 6 week 7 hunting party skin or just going through the weekly challenges, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite!

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  1. Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! <3

  2. Besides the glitch it had I think the Enforcer was the best, honest opinion I don’t really like this seasons

  3. You have a nice voice. Subscribe

  4. For trees go to risky get new cars and run over trees same with rocks same with cars all can be done in risky

  5. Hunting party skin is a literal walking a.i.m.b.o.t

  6. Tip Go To Pleasent Kill 3 People With Headshots Get 7 Ammo Boxes Then Weaken Yourself then Consume The Apples 4 Done In 1 Match

  7. Thx bro love yo vids

  8. The Visitor should have been called “I survived Risky Reels”🤣🤣🤣

  9. Well, with that skydive through hoops challenge, that means the shitty re-deploy gliders bullshit is still going to be active, great 😡

  10. Land at durr burger for ammo box

  11. Who thinks A.I.M is the best weekly challenge skin

  12. i just realized this was made on my b day

  13. just got the battle pass hyped for this shit

  14. Thank you so much for not taking half the video talking about your social media and getting strait into talking about week 7. See a lot of videos just waist my time by waiting to like mid video to talk about what i clicked on the video for. Keep making videos, you do a great job. This video was big help, now I know what the challenges are, the skin coming out, and some good tips about how to do the challenges. Thank you so much.

  15. I hope they get rid of the deal damage to opponent 0-300 in 1 match

  16. Wouldn't it be nice if these challenges would change

  17. Who remembers the chests in resky reals chalenge in season 4

  18. Wish disco domination was back

  19. Here are the Challenges –

    Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a Single Match
    Deal Headshot Damage to Opponents (500)
    Deal Damage to Opponents in a Single Match (300) [Staged Challenge]

    Destroy Trees (50) [Staged Challenge]
    Skydive Through Floating Rings (20)
    Consume 5 Apples [Staged Challenge]
    Eliminate Opponents in Pleasant Park (3)

    These Challenges are Subject to Change

  20. Am l the only one who hates these stage challenges? And the fact you can't do multiple of the stages in one match…

  21. Visitor, I like and enjoyed everything that epic has throw into season 6

  22. The road to 600k let's gooo PS please pin this bro

  23. Why do people call it the blockbuster skin and they call road trip skin enforcer like the blockbuster skin has a name and it’s the visitor

  24. the damage in a single match one you'll need a sniper and the new heavy assaultrifle to make it easier

  25. Are those shadows? Or is that just PS4 Pro?

  26. still my question is ? how did you get this leaks ? you didn't find them yourself so why you don't give credits to anyone ? just wonder .. the people works on this stuff take a lot of effort . you take this efforts away from them .. and i'm not talking about this video only ! all of your videos are the same .

  27. Just play team terror, got 5000+ damage

  28. He prefers normal smg over compact

  29. the new A.I.M skin! my son will be going for tha skin even though i don't play fortnite….but i think the game is interesting

  30. They need to work with leakers to make them SHUT UP and not ruin the new stuff

  31. Hey everyone does anyone know if Disco Domination will come back because i prefer it to blitz PLEASE SOMEONE Convince Epic To Bring Disco Domination Back

  32. John wick is the best season skin

  33. For the ammo box challenge lazy links is best there are so many ammo boxes in the main house almost every room have two ammo boxes

  34. U still play fortnite pfff 😂😂

  35. io a big special tip.Go to the area with 3-4 shot trees asn get 50 trees easily.Make sure you dont get dropped

  36. Whos eyes lit up when he traded that p90

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