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Secret Season 8 Week 8 Banner Location Guide (Discovery Challenges) – Fortnite Battle Royale

The Season 8 Week 8 secret Discovery Banner can be found on the rock in the middle of the frozen lake.

To actually get the Banner to appear though, you first need to complete eight full sets of any of the weekly challenges (weeks 1-10).

Once any eight sets of them have been completed, this Secret Banner can be collected and the challenge “Find the Secret Banner in Loading Screen #8” will appear…

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  1. Finally someone who gets to the FUCKING POINT

  2. Thanks harry love these vids, I don't usually post but I always look for yours

  3. Your videos help so much Harry

  4. I have watched so many ways to find this I come to you and these are my exact words "thank God, dude you're a frickin life saver"

  5. You deserve so much more views than Gattu, all he does is talk and mispronounce words lol

  6. Ur such a good guy

  7. You sir , are a good man. Others are nothing but yapping pansies

  8. Straight to it! I love you, you don't do long intros like Gattu.

  9. Less than a minute ?

  10. For some reason I can't find it and I even checked that it was week 8. I don't know what I'm doing weong

  11. Thanks dude you are the best so ya i will sub if you hit 5.0k likes

  12. Thank you for getting straight to the point of ur video u are Awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  13. No bullshit guide thanks

  14. Thanks! Using your videos I was able to finish up all my challenges!

  15. It’s about time I subscribed

  16. Quick and simple i like it?

  17. Thank you always straight forward showing us were it's at and not tryna plug or talk mumbojumo shit too us #notallheroswearcapes

  18. Thanks for the videos keep up the great work

  19. I would eat your ass if I could

  20. I LOVE YOU HAIRY 666

  21. This is the type of vid I want when I want to find something just a nice quick giveaway free vid

  22. i went to grab it and got killed,i broke my headset out of rage

  23. Did you skip week 7

  24. ty this was very helpful

  25. For once he's not using Renegade Raider that sweaty trash OG skin

  26. THANK YOU lord for not being a 10minute video

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