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Fortnite Shotgun Tips | How To Win Shotgun…

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  1. GUYS! Follow me on twitter and ask me questions!!!
    Its hard to keep up with all the comments, but I can easily respond to tweets 🙂

    Also I just wanna say, Ignore the fact that I said aiming for the head with a tac doesn't matter, HEAD SHOTS ALWAYS MATTER!!
    Sorry about that XD

  2. Xbox players are trash wooo atleast MOST of them

  3. I once killed 3 omegas with Duel pump?

  4. What's the point of a shotgun anymore

  5. How do u NOT give 25 damage or 9 damage on someone face who is right next tour face
    FUK this glitch
    Epic fix it

  6. I need to get better at shotguns

  7. Shawty wanna fuck me cuz a nigga wearin gold

  8. at the end tries his best to get to 10 mins

  9. i rly appreciate all ur tips a like to ur video for dat

  10. Woah thanks my building is a lot better… you just won a subscriber

  11. Why would you buy absolute zero, more like absolute garbage

  12. How does this guy only have 39K????

  13. Guys go follow my brothers channel tafi games he's only 10 years old and gets 20 kills quality player go check him out much appreciated!


  15. What is ur sensitivity!?? Show us your setting

  16. can we do a duos some time?

  17. Stop trying to show off “building” skills in these videos you added clips of you building but your slow as fuck like just add clips you need instead of trying to showoff your terrible

  18. Jumping with the pump is really bad on console because you have to take your thumb off the aim joystick to jump ns it’s hard to recover back to your aim while your in mid air

  19. Wasn't this guy on KSI reacting to teens reacting to KSI? "When me and my friends play FIFA we get so hype like oh oh "

  20. Do you really need 6 ads in one video?

  21. If u want a drinking game take a shot every time he says shotty

  22. I was peek shooting with a golden heavy shotgun, I shot him directly in the head and it did 22 damage and the guy was literally only like 5 metres away from me

  23. This video helped a lot the only tip I would not follow is sensitivity cause I'm pretty fast a building

  24. “250 damage a headshot”


  25. How do u get better at using the pump when ur in houses u say to build and stuff but u can't build in houses outside I am good with it cuz I am a fast builder but in houses I can't build and so I die a lot and I would really appreciate giving me some tips to get better at pump I have a sense of 6,6

  26. Bruh 2 secounds into the video and I got a ad

  27. Dakota’s thumb nail copy. Lol

  28. Love your vids man!

  29. I’m pretty good I have 200+ wins and I just upped my sensitivity and the zooming in when shooting helped alot

  30. I'm dropping the tac for rpg

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