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SypherPK Teaches YOU How To Edit FASTER on Fortnite Like a PRO!
For real, this little trick can give a you a huge difference against your opponents!

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  1. This Trick can literally save you a lot time during an intense fight!

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  2. I saw that over 2 months ago he should give credit to the person he saw it from

  3. Is this noob of Sypher is really trying to teach something that all people know lmao

  4. I love ur vids keep up the good work! And ur intro is sick af!

  5. ProHighlights is the type of guy to think of the name prohighlights

  6. ProHighlights is a kind of guy who steals money from homeless people and eat infront of them

  7. I’ve always edited like that since season 1

  8. Prohighlights the type of guy to snipe a cactus for materials

  9. Pro highlights is the type of guy who knows a little bit about everything

  10. 5:50 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lammmmmma

  11. Roses are red
    Violets are red
    Tulips are red

    Oh no my garden is on fire

  12. Pro highlights is do cute guy

  13. This one was good

  14. Prohighlights the type of guy to type the type of guy

  15. Cizors said it first

  16. Sypher always has the best tips

  17. Legit just taught me knowledge

  18. Im here before 3k who here before 100k like if so

  19. Sypher always teaching me something I already know

  20. Prohighlights is the type of guy to set up a launch pad underneath an opponents trap

  21. Beaks figured it out first btw

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