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  1. can you teach me how to get a win in wicks bounty

  2. 6:02 we all know the amount of shit wildcat said in his head while watching that

  3. Wildcat i play on mobile to but im nuts i tink i am one of the best players on mobile

  4. Does he realize those arent pickaxes…

  5. what does bming mean

  6. 8:49 that is ceedays wife

  7. 1:28 wow amazing audio clip

  8. 1:30 how dare you say that mobile players are trash. yes he is on mobile but hes brand new, ive been playing for many months and got 29 kills against a console player who isnt the best but definetly should be better than me

  9. 9:04 you have the glider I wanted but didn't have any money to buy it, looks awesome when you use it.

  10. You are nasty wildcat?

  11. You saying that us mobile players suck and we are all defaults? Well I have over 40 skins am not as bad as you think we are

  12. i came back to check,
    hes still in his midlife crisis

  13. Hey man keep up the good videos

  14. Wildcat they are bring back the heavy shotgun

  15. What back bling is that at 5:37 ?

  16. Could you please do Gmod

  17. LOVE the outro x

  18. How r u so good Wtf

  19. 6:04 I don’t see how you didn’t do your gasping for air laugh

  20. Wildcat: Im landing on this dude and putting this gun in his mouth and maybe his butt

    Wildcat: these kids are up my butt dude

    Haha what you give is what you get!!
    And I got my GLITCH drink!’ Taste awesome!! BUT leaves a weird after taste lol

  21. 5:02 did he say the n-word?

  22. awesome to see you playing with YT gaming papa after playing with Grandpa of YT sark for so long on occasion

  23. What wrap is that

  24. Poor fellas. Should've ditched fortnite while they still could.

  25. This… this is content. I approve

  26. sad banana bus noises

  27. I mean Ron Loy no space the l is lower case

  28. Friend me my name is Ronny ok

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