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As requested The Best TH 9 Farming Strategy Top 5 List for Big Loot in Clash of Clans. This is a compiled list of what I feel is the cheapest, fastest and most amazing COC TH 9 FARMING ARMIES for big Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. You should be able to pick any of these Strategies and be successful in stealing consistent loot to maximize your builders and upgrade your base as fast as the game will allow. Strategies include the BARCH, TH 9 Loonion, TH 9 Goblin Knife, All Goblin Army, and TH…

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  1. Hey sir Jo where are you from

  2. My army for th 8 = 6 giants 14 wiz 8 valk's 2 pekkas 2 heal 1 rage and 1 jump

  3. That is a huge quincidince I have 251 gems and u do too??

  4. u look like pascal savage from johny english

  5. english man…. nice…. bhai tu etne zaldi mat dikhya kar

  6. english man…. nice

  7. Barch is not good for dark elixir I guess ?

  8. I need help with just about all attacks lol, I cant Win for the life of me, and im somehow at th9 4 years later…
    As you can See I S.U.C.K at this attacking crap. I have got no strategies, and the attacks you use, I try to use it, but like I said, not a good strategy player. I dont know where to start and im not patient on spells lol.

  9. Idk if it's that ur targeting a nooby audience, that u don't know shit, or u just suck at making guides…
    And I'm really not exaggerating when I say I honestly think it's all 3

  10. What about for ppl that wanna attack bases that have upgraded defences…..

  11. Loons and drags are good

  12. It isnt called balloonion. Balloons and minions are loonion and with lava hound its lavaloonion

  13. I would like to know how they cost and the time they take to train them

  14. The best army for th 9 is of valks and wiz

  15. Nice Video !!!!!!! Just What Learned To Attack For Loot!!!!!!!! Good Job Men !!!!!

  16. No 1 and last is cheap and good

  17. That lavaloon attack was trash… so was the base

  18. Bro goblins are also good for loot

  19. 22 giants, some wizzies, 64 archers and 8 bombers. Doing all right I think

  20. Good work bro thanks

  21. if we were townhall nine Im pretty sure wed know when the resources are full… not sure how thats relevant anyways..

  22. i like the goblin attack

  23. What is farming in coc

  24. I dont want to hate on your vids bro but you really dont know wt a real farming attack strategy is,aswekl as your base,your a rushed th9 cant give advice when your a bad th9 yourself just giving u tip max out your base n learn how to use new and better armys

  25. Bro can you give me an a account? I really need a account????

  26. the baloonion is kinda pricey for dark elixir farming. its costs 1250 at lvl 1 loons and 200k elixir at lvl 6 balloons

  27. Great job on the video

  28. Thank you…Very clearly explained…You deserve a subscriber

  29. Hey I got my own farming army

  30. I have just started posting a series of videos on my channel where I use only goblins to get that loot (I get around 200000 to 400000 almost every time) and many times 3 star the base. I'm at TH 8.

  31. Yo with my COC looting strat I can raid 3 times a hour with Barb n artchers and it only cost me 45 grand n I can get over 300,000 loot for one attack so almost a milloin loot (gold n elixer ) a hour

  32. Why do I keep on trying to zoom in on the video.

  33. Lol in Crystal barch it's the best way

  34. Please come back jo ?

  35. 4 healers 15 wiz 5 gig 3 wall b 6 valk 1 pekka 4 rage n haste

  36. Omg thx for saying if the DE mine is full..I cant find it that time thanks for saying bro

  37. Instead of barch try using goblins amd archers, much better

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