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Hey guys, the new air sweeper update nerfed the air attacks a bit (in th8 those are dragon attack,dragloon – dragon balloon), so why not use this great surgical hog / gohog attack strategy? (you should be able to 3 star most th8 bases with a hog attack, if they are maxed, so might skip dragon attacks).
Hope those attacks help. Also i would like to give a shout out to the reddit community. you should check it out, here’s a link:


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  1. Русский акцент, снимай маску, мы тебя узнали

  2. how do u do cc troops when there is a drag? cuz at that point witches are screwed

  3. Is the king really a problem? because the hogs move pretty fast and the king cant kill too many hogs. Right?

  4. Do you HAVE to have Giants in the attack?

  5. how App do you use to White on youre videos

  6. If they have a dragon in the cc your cc won't have enough to power to take it out. Then what should I do?

  7. with the new update you dont need that special ck becouse of the poison spell

  8. Dude, no offense but Reddit is not a new thing, but good video regardless.

  9. I don't comment very much but wow this video was awesome good stuff dude keep it up

  10. Ck troops, king and wizz tower is good but where are the springtraps and the larrys?

  11. What if they have an archer queen? I'm in a war right now and I got matched up with a premature th9. His archer queen and king is outside the base right next to each other. They are lvl 7. There are no double big bombs right next to each other that u can see. He does have lvl1 xbows. Do I go for him? I am a th8 with lvl1 golems and lvl4 hogs. I'm learning go hog. Does anyone have a desired troop comp how to use etc? Thx for the help I'm watching the video now

  12. I need one th8 anti hogs base that two gaint bomb apears plz

  13. dude just checking out new hog strats since they got nerfed but this raid only works on certain bases not all the cores of bases are useless to hogs. very hard to apply to other bases

  14. Lol, the top article.

  15. One more major threat for the hogs is skelton trap ground targeted.. That can kill many hogs, what to do for that?

  16. Thank you! Very useful step-by-step instructions. Go on! ))

  17. wow…this is very nice strategy..

  18. Hey G, I demand only one surgical hog raid by you with detailed explanation against a th9. I tried a couple but failed with 2 stars mostly. I saw the other videos about surgical hogs, but I want to see a fresh one by you.

  19. very nice, the intro was a bit long but the commentary on the attacks was really good

  20. yeah u was wrong lol… TH8 has 25 spaces so only can hold 2witches and 1 barb.. bring your own wiz :p

  21. it's too for 200 space but this is original ;0

  22. 212 requires a space of 30
    201 is what we used:D

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