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#TH8 #Loonion #LetsPlay #ClashofClans

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  1. What do you do when there's a dragon in the cc

  2. Thx for the advice:) <3

  3. Just farmed 3 mil in 1 hour with this. _.

  4. Why am I a th10 watching this

  5. I swear I do exactly what you do and my balloons are just like nah die instantly

  6. KlausBashing ftw!!!??

  7. What Magic Did you use to find Loots???

  8. If u 3 star every base than it's a trophy pushing strat to

  9. What is the best th9 farming army for farming de?

  10. ive watched your channel for the past year or so but i still dont know where you come from bash. Please tell me?

  11. i wish youd remove the face cam would make it much better too watch

  12. How bout for cc troops replace a couple loons for a drag, and to back up a poison spell
    Ive been using your army as one of my farming strats but im gonna try and see if i can take care of enemy cc troops as much as possible as well

  13. Can you farm my town ? Bro I'm Spanish but I love your video's

  14. join today new clan looking for loyal members to join our family, ClashtasticFun!

  15. LOL.Sniper sweeper 😀 hahaha

  16. What should I upgrade because I am a rushed town hall 9

  17. About 2 start pushing,This will be great 2 touch my loonion up?

  18. Believe me you can push with loonion. Just hit crystal 1

  19. Make a th12 pushing video again please

  20. Th9 witchlab again ???????❤️❤️??????

  21. Should I use 9 haste spells or heals as th9

  22. Hey bash keep. Playing clash plz

  23. I suck using this strategy 🙁

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