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The History of WEIRD GUNS in Call of Duty…
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Today, we use the weirdest gun in every single Call of Duty game ever made!

…except for the first COD game, Big Red One, Call of Duty Online, and Call of Duty Mobile…


I decided to do a challenge video AGAIN; play every Call of Duty game ever made in one video, and try to get as many kills in Team Deathmatch in 1 minute, but this time with Weird Guns!


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  1. LIKE this video for more MASSIVE COD videos! ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

    If I play every COD game again, what challenge/topic should I try next?

  2. Jesus Christ he talks fast.

  3. Damn i miss the old M3rk, the random edits and random lobbies.

  4. Play all cod campaigns next

  5. This isn't merk..

  6. huh.. Havent seen you reccomended for me in … a year

  7. bruh its a haymaker not brecci

  8. Ummm related to Eminem lol great vid

  9. I actually loved aw

  10. yo where's CoD Online

  11. Mw2 has no players anymore which sucks I love that game

  12. Just wondering. What does everone have against Advanced Warfare?

  13. but like the na-45 :-/

  14. for bo1 u should have done balistic knife

  15. Should have gone on CoD online aswell

  16. I missed watching your videos

  17. Can you please talk faster

  18. Man this channel is on hospice, his content devolved.

  19. M3rk for a min looks like situations from Jersey shore ??

  20. This isn’t m3rkmusic ???

  21. woah i havent watched you since ww2

  22. I don't think the DP28 is that weird becasue it's also really good lol

  23. You used the Ksg in bo2 instead of the burst fire smg Chicom cqb??? Lmao

  24. I enjoyed cod ghosts

  25. your audio is crackling like crazy

  26. return the og cam plz

  27. jezus bro talk slower

  28. I was subbed since when you did fun montage on black ops 2 back in 2012

  29. The reason cod 3 made you lay down is because not only were older MGs used from a fixed position, using an MG34 or MG42 standing up is NOT a good idea

  30. When I play mw3 on Xbox 360 is get like 500,000 plus on

  31. ghosts wasn’t even that bad everybody just dick rides

  32. says a slug shotgun is weird but not a shotgun barrel that you have to turn to shoot in 3 round bursts?

  33. 14:05 oh look theres a tractor

  34. Why do people not like ghost??

  35. The UMP in mw2 with dual wield was the weirdest for sure

  36. Merkypoo got a hickiepoo

  37. This is vapid garbage

  38. fav cod is mw3

  39. why does no one like the cod ghost? ;(

  40. Ksg was in mw3 smh ??

  41. No hackers watafak

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