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I’ve found that the key to winning in these pop up cups is to be aggressive, you get +50 health/shield every time you get a kill so the more kills you get, the easier it’ll be!! Leave a comment if you’d like more tips and tricks like this!

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  1. Thanks man I’ll try out these tips and appreciate the tips u give us !

  2. The banter between you and Nicky is priceless, Hogman

  3. Hi Hogman, thanks for always playing with Nick- when is next?

  4. To the few people that see this…

    I wish you a very safe, joyful and Merry Christmas! I hope you get all that you wish for as well as a rich and prosperous 2019!

  5. The key to winning: bore yourself to death in a shit plane

  6. Did nick eh 30 cut u off? We warned you Hogman .. you are a good dude and didn’t deserve it

  7. That aim trainer does work! Your aim is crazy!

  8. scrims with nick eh 30???

  9. Plz guys im trynna hit 300 subs ill do anything just sub to me btw i get bullied at school bc i have 216 subs

  10. I have one word


  11. Yo hogman you are a beast

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