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  1. Hy Izzo my from Indonesia and love your gameplay, and any question, Why you use flag Indonesia? Please answer 🙏

  2. Just like sevou gameplay
    Nice gameplay

  3. Whats wrong with your hand

  4. I love how u play.. Funny hehehe

  5. Playing pubg in asia server is a nightmare 😂,so many good player there.

  6. I think izzo need to be more loud like happy loud

  7. G. G Izzo….. Kingfkings

  8. wow wow nice play😊

  9. Bro your so funny man ..

  10. love yo im from iraq😍🥰

  11. very funny vid izzo

  12. play again with levinho or sevou…

  13. I am from Indonesian i fans you,you ia the best

  14. Yeah now thats the thing that makes u pro 🙂

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