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I think I said to warden early…. to clarify… if the wrecker is taking a lot of damage early and isnt going to make it to the townhall then warden early. However it’s much better if you can hold the warden until your troops get to the townhall.

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  1. There is always that 1 person that dislikes 😂😂

  2. Very helpful stuff! Thanks!

  3. I'm looking for a new pekka style and I think this helps. However I think I'll use no bat spells and do a new style using pekkas, Ice golems and wizards. Simalar to the classic gowipe but ice golems

  4. Have question, if u freeze any defense (Inferno, Wizard tower) does the Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine still deploy.

  5. i love ur accent where r u from if i may ask

  6. Nice video Lando, and nice ESL match last night too. Were you one of the 12s that played against us in that?

  7. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this coincidence!!! Just watched your vid before going to bed only to wake up to this.

    jbob from The Short Bus just attacked my base with pekka smash. And guess what base i am using xDDD

    feels unreal
    cheers mate! 🙂

  8. Thx for sharing lando! I just tried this in war and got a 94% 2 star on a max 12 kinda bummed i didnt 3 it

  9. Excellent attack strategy!

  10. Muito top ta loko man kkkk vou adiquirir essa estrategia.

  11. Really nice video and strategy, can't wait to try it. I hope that this works for th11 too

  12. Wow…Watched video, cooked army, 3 stars in CWL….. Maxed TH12 arse

  13. Awesome vid! Us amateurs have been looking for a simpler attack. 👍🏻

  14. Holy Moly…that shit goes nuts

  15. No more dipfails for you😉😘

  16. All I've used since the 2nd bat nerf is pekka bobat just different variations for different bases

  17. this thing a beast at th11, pekka valk barb cc!!

  18. Wow, what a crazy attack, thanks for sharing 💪

  19. Old school mass pekka's with bats😁 nice!

  20. Awesome attk strat…what army comp would you use for th11..thnx for the upload

  21. Do you think the healing power of healers should be reduced for regular troops?
    Its already reduced for Heroes to 55%, but Pekkas and Bowlers recieve the full healing power.

    Pekka Smash and PekkaBobat are ridiculously strong right now because of that.

  22. what cc u think will c more success for th11 doing this attack, ice or pekka?

  23. Looking forward to trying this without relying on the AQ. Thx for the content and keep up the good work

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