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Except does it really?


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  1. Minecraft Good, other games bad right?

    More seriously please watch the video before commenting!

  2. 4:07 I got really confused for a second because AMERICA won't use the METRIC SYSTEM, and I thought he meant pounds as in weight

  3. Is it bad that I still haven’t started breathing?

  4. This graph is a really good graph to showing the popularity of a game. The reason why I say this is because the steam graph has exact numbers in a graph and when you see that spike in any game you can see the spike relatively the same in Google trends.

  5. fortnite more like fartnite

  6. TC: Minecraft passes Fortnite
    YT: Fortnite add

  7. Fortnite: You cant defeat me
    Apex: I know but he can
    Minecraft: 9 YEAR OLDS UNITE

  8. So I play minecraft for about 4 to 6 hours and I look at hentai for about 1 hour but I guarantee you that I've searched hentai more than minecraft on google

  9. I saw this graph like a month ago lol

  10. Apparently fortnite is getting its last season soon so Minecraft is is definitely better

  11. Fortnite BAD and….adn minecraf GOOD

  12. So the title is the complete opposite of the point you're trying to make…

  13. I’m here just to watch him build.

  14. I didn’t listen to anything I was just watching gamepay

  15. We did it mr. stark…

  16. Wtf is he building

  17. Fortnite? More like L!

  18. 175 13 year olds disliked the vid

  19. The dislike are Epic game employes

  20. Good riddance fortnight

  21. Google trends is great for showing NEW players searching the game but horrible at showing old players coming back in the game, wich on youtube is the majority. Ex, bajan Canadian, Ssudee, Dan tdm Crainer and of course PEWDIEPIE

  22. leage of leagends= LoL its so bad

  23. You guys know Tetris iş more popular right ok then

  24. Herobrine enters chat
    I'm about to end this mans whole career

  25. I think you’re one of the only YouTubers who scores high on quantity and on quality

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