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This video has been removed by Treyarch.

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My channel consists of HIGH quality Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay so be sure to SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS! What you’ll expect from me are the NEW Updates, Tips and Tricks, and Black Ops 4 Best Class Setups! COD Black Ops 4 is a Multiplayer FPS game made by Treyarch (Activision).

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  1. Here's a $10 PS4 Card: PGL9-37NC-MCR?
    Guess the last digit to win!

    Posting another code in 20 minutes, what console should I do next?

  2. Cydox240 Playstation 4

  3. Xbox- Pacificlawyer9 love ur vids man hate they banned you

  4. garentee to get it right

  5. Yoko my guy chainfeeds full support for u bro

  6. Bro your kidding right

  7. This is old news on PC.. maybe because its easier to achieve

  8. Xbox one gt ayeecashout atl

  9. Uhm i play on Xbox

  10. They don't know what my account is

  11. I got a rampage mk2 from my weapon bribe now I'm sad

  12. The psn code didn’t work, I was the first to view and I tried every number and letter and it still didn’t work??‍♂️

  13. how is it broken if in almost every call of duty u can melee without shooting them first?

  14. I think I got glitched YouTube
    It’s letting me watch the video

  15. Xbox one


  16. Thought everyone knew 1 bullet and best down was a kill. Definitely needs changes imo though

  17. The nostalgia of the BO2 menu theme is so amazing and gets me every time

  18. It's not that serious

  19. He acting like melee wasn,t one knife in black ops 2

  20. Xbox Snow2Leopard666 love the vids legit have no cod points it would really help

  21. i thought everyone new about this. lol

  22. My gamer tag is x3RzREAPER on PS4 same as my Yt channel I’m on now

  23. Ps4 Gt- LTSBRIGUY

  24. Xbox:F34rmaple

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