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In this video, I discuss some tips that will help you become a smarter player in Fortnite Battle Royale. Becoming a smarter player will help you get more wins, win more fights, and become a much better player overall. If we look at players like FaZe Tfue, Ghost Bizzle, and Liquid Vivid, they consistently win tournaments and event. However, they don’t have as insane mechanics as someone like Secret Mongraal. Instead, they rely on game sense and making smart decisions to come out on top. This…

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  1. Btw use code Jerian

  2. You should try working on changing up your vocal cadence and tone in these videos

  3. dude which part of heaven did you come from?!?

  4. Ey, I always play with Lil Uzi singing in my earphones 🙁

  5. Hey jerian do u have weight in your mouse if you have how much

  6. Please make a video gor very close range shotgun fights beacuse the opponents always jumps jump and jump and I cant figure whats going on.

  7. <who else is distracted by his gameplay>

  8. wait this man has 0 ping

  9. I already do this. I think I just suck at building

  10. i like to act like an idiot keep breaking the wall and trying to replace it only for them to think holy shit this guy is stoopid mahn and then it happens my inner aim training self comes out and 1 pumps them telling yall works every time

  11. You got some awesome aim in these clips! nice vid

  12. I always got confused when a dude start boxing but has high ground ? then later i think why havent i gave uim the win

  13. Love you Jerian! no homo

  14. Jerian and stronger players than I, what do you think about Polar Peak? I've been trying out different landing spots (i only started actually playing a few weeks ago and am trying to improve) and I think that Polar Peak is the most convenient and reliable landing spot because 90% of the time you can walk out of it with all the loot or 1-3 kills and plenty of loot. Also, you get around 500 materials without trying by just breaking the table, chairs, and throne. And then after you've looted the place top to bottom it's about 1 minute to either expedition outpost, Happy Hamlet race track or the little red hut ball spawns. Would it be wrong to propose that these factors would make Polar one of if not the best landing spot for solo victories?

  15. This is the video I needed! thanks jerian!

  16. Too much thinking

  17. What's the name of the glider he uses?

  18. Step 1:Stay in school

  19. use code jerry in the Wii sports item shop byee

  20. blasting lil uzi LOL

  21. Who ever is really good at Fortnite let me know please.

  22. Aye use code “Jerian”

  23. I just come here to watch your gameplay.

  24. Jerian ur tops don't really matter at this point for anyone it the enemy has made u weak you just dead

  25. Guys Lemme point a thing
    1. YOU gotta learn to not trade pump shots with your enemy
    2. Learn angle peaks they help alot.
    3. 1v1 Creative it improves for solo.
    If you play squads alot than learn HOW TO HARVEST AND SOLO SQUAD OR ELSE UR JUST DEAD

  26. Jerian plays with 0 ping?
    Is that even possible

  27. I really need help with my building. It seems as though no matter how many times I practice old and new building trick I can never do them in a real game. I always freeze when it comes to building against someone in game or I lose high ground in situations where I shouldn't. I honestly cannot keep high ground and if someone can teach me a trick to regaining it I will be very grateful.

    Edit: I'm also in champs, 340 points and I simply can't go up anymore because I can't build against people. Im very confident in my aim so I usually kill them, but I know that if I can build against them I would definitely win every fight I got into. I'm very good at endgame though idk why.

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