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In this video I show you how you can create a blood splash effect like in Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other shooter games.
Here is the image used in the video:

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  1. Arnt any bloodeffect or hit effect really disliked or blood after death on your hud .There are really more than just "blood – hit in left side of head makes left side dank Yes now you are one eyed added rigth click would obviously kill you unless you into fun games then it makes right side dark and left side is now normal. Already in ut99 you could do a hit effect -is has do with the fog and rbg values -same flasheffect when you entered a zone like lava or slime -the effect 1 case would be red and slime green -I guess i could do this in engine 4 quite easy after some learning

  2. i know you want to see blood but there might be a player blood aka your virtual blood.

  3. my AI already hurt me so is there a way to connect this to my AI(i'm new)

  4. When i shoot someone and i need blood splash on ground or wall . you can do this?

  5. mine always kills me instantly

  6. You should help the people who are looking for your advice. Please remember you are using low number variables if you are following this video! Give it a couple seconds and it should appear.(you have to press it a lot!) Please note use the number keys above your keyboard NOT the number pad! It would be better if you use letter keys instead! Hope this helps!

  7. hey, im trying to make a lot of my things on my hud do different things for example a compass/radar system and a stamina bar that I want to only show when I press the sprint button, but to do that I need event begin plays and event constructs, now because ive used it on one already its not allowing me to call the event again for these other things to happen, plus I also wanna add a health bar with properties aswell as other stuff but it only seems like you can only get them to show up in the main widget and when I make subwidgets they don't show up cause of what I mentioned above

  8. Bro, I followed the first health tutorial, then the health update to make it more GPU friendly and now this but my tint isn't working? It's just showing the image overlay's opacity. Any idea?

  9. u cant press on insert image they have deleted that for some reason

  10. I tried to do this just now and I didn't get it to work at first. But instead of making an Event Dispatcher I made a binding on the image instead which worked just fine.

  11. how do I apply this to the damage that the enemies deal to me

  12. It'd be sweet if you could do something like this for VR. There's a major shortage of info it.

  13. It worked perfectly – thank you!

  14. i didn't get the hud

  15. i press 1 to add damage and nothing happens i did everything the same did it in 3rd person please help

  16. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has an issue like mine? It doesn't stop after health picked up/regenerated. I have my health in 2 different blueprints. Is this still possible? To update from 2 different places using 2 updatehealth dispatchers? Should I make 2 dispatchers with different names? Can't add both health scripts as it is a health pick-up that gives my player health. Please help. Good tut and I want it to work. Thanks

  17. This was really helpful I used timelines to plug in to the + and – floats on the player so it transitioned more smoothly, with a custom event running from the tick to regenerate the health (using the play from start on the timelines) thanks!

  18. The HUD is not showing up ive did everything you said like 10 times

  19. great vid, how would i possibly set this up so when i hit a killzone and die, it does the blood splatter before re spawning?

  20. How do I add this seperately to the main HUD aswell so I have my health bar and this showing? regards, Dan.

  21. and make the character able to ride a vehicle with animation like gta

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