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Today I’m using the UTS-15 sniper loadout and having a duel with Levelcap in Battlefield 4. Double vision is a series where Levelcap and I switch between our viewpoints throughout the round. Enjoy.


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  1. You guys should have used slug rounds

  2. I used UTS slug, 3.4x, canted iron sight, and muzzle break for the phantom tag and it wasn't that bad.

  3. Used modified choke boi

  4. This music gives me much nostalgia

  5. You guys should have used the duckbill just for shits

  6. 7:16 Why is there an engineer using an M16A4 if it is exclusive for the assault class?

  7. You put on modified lol

  8. strange i get over 100 kills, and under 60 deaths per round with UTS 15 with termal, Full choke with slug and with out. I like it for sniper.

  9. Too bad you can't snipe with shotguns like you could in BF3

  10. billyeatworld was on this for!

  11. That guns reload animation is so sick

  12. Sniper shotgun Loadout:
    ACOG scope(or PSO-1)[or FLIR 2x]Muzzle Brake;Slug Rounds;Green Laser Sight(Blinds other snipers/enemies);Vertical Forgrip;
    Have Fun!

  13. This sounds so wrong but at the same time so hilarious XD

  14. would be cool if you play with Zigueira from Brasil, what you think?

  15. shotguns are the focal point of the maximum hilarity in gunfights, sometimes you one hit a guy from 60m and sometimes you put 9 shots in someone and the 9th one gets him lol

  16. Levelcap,"you were in the outside corner of the circle."

  17. obi one canoli i played with that guy the other day lol

  18. You cheated :v He said full choke and you picked modified :v

  19. What is up with levelcaps fov though? Whoa XD

  20. How do they have everything unlocked? Do they buy a shortcut?

  21. they should make a with with iron sights on sniper rifles.

  22. "Corner of the circle" 

    -LevelCap, 2014

  23. Dart rounds are so insanely broken. I know they have lower damage but sometimes you point blank people and get nothing. 

  24. "Corner of the circle." – LevelCap 2014

  25. Don't you ever play hardcore mode?

  26. outside corner of the circle 😀

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