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This week we need to visit the five highest / tallest locations in the Fortnite Map and admire the meter signs. Here’s a quick video on where to find them 😀

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  1. At the 4 0:51 i cant get the mission its glitched

  2. Great Job straight to the point.
    Sir you earn a subscriber.

  3. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I got clickbaited and so did you

  4. Thnx helped a lot

  5. 0:23 Submarine
    0:30 Polar Peak
    0:41 Old Rocket place
    0:51 Whatever this place is called
    1:01 The volcano
    1:17 Rabbit
    1:31 pig
    1:22 llama ?

  6. Thx m8 keep up the content

  7. Only people who remeber OG prison can like this.

  8. Submarine
    Evil Base

  9. Short sweet and to the point thanks man?

  10. Thank you for beeing on point and not wasting time 🙂

  11. already week 6 this season is goin very fast

  12. littlewood i think you should do content like RTGame, i'm tired of seeing your channel's video only making 10k or so views, it's time to bring you back into the game man

  13. 1:24 it’s overlooked junk junction since season 3 not just a couple seasons

  14. I was just trying to find out how to do the challenges

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