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This Had To Be Said…
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  1. The story is so uninteresting. Your niece gets killed, so you take down an entire corporation with hundreds of guards by yourself.

  2. Gta v is best fake watch dog 2

  3. GTA 5 released on 2013, and watch dogs 2 is 2017. what the difference that they show in watch dogs 2… Even map and graphics are better in GTA 5. We can experience the open world in GTA 5 by swimming and also water graphics are better in GTA 5, with other activities….don't underestimate GTA 5

  4. Lol GTA 5 is better then watch dogs

  5. anyone remembers spidertank ? dang that was fun to play

  6. And this is why GTA sanandreas is best

  7. GTA is better than watch dog

  8. GTA 5 kicks WD ass by New Updates in GTA ONL陌NE WD is full of trash

  9. GTA Online is now better, you should check out again.

  10. Watch dogs is UNDENIABLY better.

  11. I completed this mission of watch dogs

  12. GTA V online outshined Watchdogs untill 2016 but before 2016 Watchdogs was the better game For Sure.

  13. I agree with you watch dogs was always better than GTA 5 way realistic than GTA 5 and way more stuff added in watch dogs

  14. Which mission/side mission was that you were p-laying

  15. watch dogs 2 is better than watch dogs

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