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This video today is going to be focused on how in many aspects Fortnite Battle Royale is actually a pay to win game. Having a decent gaming setup with the proper equipment is such an underrated aspect of becoming a great Fortnite player. There are so many different pieces of equipment that adding to your setup would probably make a bigger improvement to your game than any actual gameplay tip I or any other youtuber could ever give you. This video will discuss 5 different potential equipment…

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  1. Looks like youtube is broken right now and not rendering this video to 1080p. This usually happens in 2-3 mins but this vid has been live for 15 minutes and still only 360p. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  2. actually certain skins might blend in with their environment.

  3. So I'm trash because I'm poor af 🙁

  4. I play on switch and I don’t have the money to get a monitor

  5. Whats better a flat screen monitor or a curved monitor

  6. wtf is this trash

  7. I play on a 60hz 2160p monitor 1ms response time, elite controller and xbox one x and I without out a doubt would say that good connection to the server is better than all of this. I average a 60-100 ping and get smoked by people with 15-30 ping. And I wouldn't ever watch a movie on my monitor because the colors are dimmed and not as vibrant as my tv

  8. consoles are locked at 1080p60, so most high refresh rate monitors or "gaming" ones wont help. the response times of the monitor can only be taken advantage of if you can react ~25ms faster than you did while on most tvs

  9. Anyone season 7 lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Same with what pc u have

  11. I dont want to get better I want to have fun that's why games were invented plus I dont actually have the money to buy these things in the video

  12. Not clickbait at all🤔

  13. I started playing fortnite in season 2 and i played a ton of solos up to season 4 and won a total of about 6 games, in season 5 i bought a 200$ monitor and i got 50 wins in the whole season and averaged about 5 kills a game

  14. I got a ps4 pro for like 300$ with no sale

  15. You can just move your jump button to the left analog stick if you don't want to buy a controller

  16. Gronky are you running out of ideas XD?

  17. 348 defaults disliked

  18. Just use controller on pc and it will run really smooth

  19. Let me be the first to say if you’re not using a 1ms monitor then you’re wasting your time. It’s near impossible to be consistent with the input lag of a TV. I just got a monitor this week and I’ve gone from around 3-5 kills on average to 6-10. It’s made more of an impact on my game than anything including the scuf. I just wish I would have gotten it long ago

  20. This doesn't make epic pay to win if you use this logic EVERY game is pay to win.

    Epic doesn't fucking control the hardware of each player.

    Nice clickbait

  21. I always tell my friends when they use giant tvs like oh that good for watching tv but u want a smaller one u can't play on a big one well

  22. would a scuf set on a normal controller work alike an elite scuf controller?

  23. Nah. Not wasting money on a monitor.

  24. why r xbox players such bots?

  25. I play on a 65” 4K tv and I do just fine.

  26. This is for all my Xbox players out there 😁😁😁.
    It’s an Xbox One controller with programmable buttons on the back (2) for £25, IDK about any other currency, the shape is a little bit different and the buttons click a little more but if you use a headset then it shouldn’t matter much. Hope this helps!

  27. I have a 60hz TV. Is that good? It’s a 32 inch.

  28. then all games are play to win

  29. Just play with a keyboard and mouse

  30. Youtubers are good because they are lucky
    I get sniper from behind, people like Gronky don’t

  31. Or….. just buy a pc…

  32. I have played since S1 and I recently switched a 60hz monitor and it doesn't make a difference for Fortnite. For shooting games it does make a difference but given that the only reason I die is because i refuse to build in this game. I am probably one of the best console players for shooting but I only build if I want to heal. Building is a stupid mechanic and dying to someone just because they can spam walls better than you is idiotic. That is one of the reasons why Fortnite will never be competitive as much as other games. You can hide like a turtle in a 1by1 and just camp people. P.S. that is why I am buying PUBG

  33. Or custom controls

  34. i own a 40 inch i think? hisense tv. cheapest tv ever, 125 dollars on black friday and it has faster refresh, amazing color and super good detail 😃 people come over and think i own like a 1000 dollar tv till they look at the brand 😂 the only tvs ive seen than even compair to this thing would be 10,000 dollar 4k tvs.

    id totally recommend it. super vibrant colors, makes everybody elses tv look like utter trash 😝🤗

  35. Buy a Corsair hs60 headset It runs for 50 bucks and it is fucking great I have a pro razer headset and I like the Corsair better

  36. Do not buy a scuff, buy an elite. Go to tootxb YouTube channel yo see why the elite is way better I have an elite btw

  37. the screen monitor has nothing to do with fortnite

  38. Half of the time I wasn’t even listening, I was just watching your boss gameplay and 20 kill dubs lol

  39. I think it's crazy how the claw method was the only thing you could think of that's free when you could just remap jump to lb or something

  40. Jus checked on Amazon. He not lying them TVs is cheap

  41. Great vid!jessiejessie21

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