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Doc’s amazing new Song :



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  1. What actually happened between them ? Ninja was like a doc sub from the beginning

  2. That song was cool man

  3. Damn I was hoping to see a Dr disrespect & Mr respectful duo.

  4. Didn't they play a lot of times?

  5. Doc farting is more entertaining than ninja

  6. What did he say at 0:26 hes playing with who?

  7. Crinja doesn't get near the donation money doc gets, cause ninja fans only get $20 a month for allowance. LUL

  8. Compact disks are transparent forsenCD

  9. Ya are sooo fucking toxic

  10. I don’t know why ya can hate on ninja he has done soo many things for the gaming community and also charity’s

  11. How do we know he's talking about ninja and not summit?

  12. So proud of these comments, minimal Ninja fanboys coming to troll the Doc. Lots of Doc support. Firm handshakes, CC.

  13. That was Mrs Assassin's glove XD

  14. Ninja wishes he was the 2time!

  15. He wasn't talking about ninja lmao.

  16. she threw the assassin glove at him you punk kids

  17. doc says he'd never play with Ninja -Mission Complete +5 Respect

  18. ninja makes me uncomfortable

  19. Watch Ninja have a pissy fit and try to strike this video.
    He is such a little bitch.

  20. The Doc eats Ninjas for breakfast

  21. how do you know he was talking about ninja?

  22. This is Ninja’s stream every 30 seconds, “ please subscribe, please donate, tell your friends, twitch prime”

  23. Listen: Doc is the entertainment, not you, please stop with the stupid fucking edits.

  24. They have already played together multiple times. Anyone who is a real fan of either would know this…

  25. The way I see it, the Doc played a lot in 2017 with Ninja, now Ninja is rocking Twitch with 50 to 100k viewers. The Doc isn't jealous or hating on Ninja but he still wants streamers like vsnz to get up there above the 10k viewers threshold as well.
    Doc always been positive about Ninja in 2017 when Ninja had an average of 2500 to 5000 viewers, he played a lot of duos with him in H1Z1 and Pubg. So don't take it serious when he jokes around that he doesn't want to play with Ninja in Fortnite.

  26. The new ramps and walls is coming soon booooys

  27. Doc had taco bell the night before

  28. 1:40 please tell song name

  29. you are amazing editor you arew the best,you entertain us even more with these clips,we must have a petition for you to get adopted by THE 2 TIMES CHAMPION OF THE WORLD

  30. What happened between Ninja and Doc? Didn't they use to play together way before the Ninja-fame-train?

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