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Music: NCS

Random Facts about Me:
-My Name is Tobias Näslund
-I’m From Sweden
-I’m 20 Years old
-I Think Pandas are…

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  1. Are you panda pubg mobile.l?

  2. you are pubg mobile panda

  3. Thanks brother Tobias Näslund

  4. Thank you so much panda

  5. U have two channels it's means u make more money??

  6. I think he is an Indian ?

  7. You are panda pubg

  8. Proof if you are the real panda

  9. how do u make so much views and have so many subs on pubg mobile youtube acct?

  10. لاعب قوي ماشاء الله تعال حاويات يجلدوك العراقيين ??

  11. hey anton bro …

  12. I literally already knew this

  13. Bro really Panda's are awesome and you are awesome

  14. Your pubg channel left behind this channel

  15. bro do a crate opening…anyone agrees hit like

  16. Is really ur name panda??

  17. Who thaught that panda is blue panda….

  18. damn he is handsome as hell

  19. No Mobile legends ?

  20. Wait…. I didn’t know you have tattoos

    Could you show them in a video cause it looked cool

  21. Tips hummm ok one tip of jumping a window is a tip not tips

  22. What is your name in pubg?
    If your name is blue panda i know you and you kill me

  23. Start making face camp on Panda Mobile channel…

  24. Är du svensk? ????

  25. Are u really panda ????

  26. Bro do u know parkour

  27. زۆر کۆنی

  28. #bluepanda
    Whats song did u use for this vid?

  29. Actually we did this accidentaly

  30. Not all the windows are at jumping level this dont help for shit

  31. I come to kill u y u playing pubg mobile sorry for this plz play ml

  32. we want more tips about how to get more kills ?
    ?or how do you have to do in match to get more kills?

    or how to respond to fight situations?

  33. Are you is Panda Pubg Mobile player

  34. I always jumped in windows. It’s faster. Figured it out when first started playing.

  35. Just 1 I know it

  36. Most known thing?this video is waste of time

  37. I always use this way.

  38. Hello bro that's very nice

  39. Panda why you not using face cam in your 2st YouTube channel

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